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This Quest 3 Mod Gives Your Headset One of the Vision Pro’s Biggest Perks

Apple Vision Pro's best accessory now works with the Quest 3.

The Quest 3 strapped to an Apple Vision Pro Solo Knit Band
u/505anon505 / Reddit

Throwing a Vision Pro headband on a Quest 3 may feel wrong, but it looks oddly appropriate.

Lots of people are busy modding Apple’s mixed reality headset to be more comfortable, but some modders are porting the Vision Pro’s accessories over to the Quest 3 instead. The latest Frankenstein build shows a modder customizing their Meta headset with the Vision Pro’s Solo Knit Band.

Weirdly enough, Apple’s headband feels like it still suits the Quest 3. If you’re looking to give your Quest 3 a full makeover, you could add a matte black wrap and a transparent shell like this Redditor. As it turns out, the release of the Apple Vision Pro benefits the Quest 3 in more ways than you’d think.

Even More Comfortable

If you want to throw your Solo Knit Band onto your Quest 3, you only need to 3D print a simple adapter that was designed by eighties8. The design features two arms with attachment points that can snap the headband together with the Meta headset. According to the creator, you can print the design in about two hours.

Once you’ve created your mismatched headset, you get the benefit of a breathable, cushy headband with an adjustable Fit Dial for your Quest 3. You should get a much more customizable fit thanks to the Solo Knit Band, at least compared to the stock dual-strap design that comes with the Quest 3. Considering the 85-gram difference in weight between the two headsets, the Solo Knit Band may feel even more comfortable on the lighter Quest 3. That might not be immediately noticeable, but you may start to feel the difference for longer gaming sessions.

The Solo Knit Band doesn’t feel too out of place with the plain white Quest 3.

diablo2112 / Thingiverse

Utter Blasphemy

Even though you don’t have to shell out $3,500 for the Vision Pro, you still have to pay $99 for the Solo Knit Band if you want to make this mod. There are cheaper options to make your Quest 3 more comfortable, but none are as hilarious as this unholy union of mixed reality headsets.

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