This Beastly Electric Truck Has More Horsepower Than the Hummer EV

This thing packs 1,000 horsepower in a street-legal package.

Scarbo Vintage's SV Rover
Scarbo Vintage

Hummer has some serious competition. Scarbo Vintage introduced its third EV, the SV Rover, which packs more horsepower than GMC’s massive Hummer EV. The California-based automaker is claiming the SV Rover as the “world’s first street-legal Hypertruck,” which isn’t much of a defined vehicle segment yet. Still, it does embody the performance expected of the hypercar label when it comes to racing in the desert.

Scarbo Vintage says the SV Rover was originally meant to be a desert race truck specifically designed for racing in Baja, but later updated the design to be street legal. That means you could see this monster of an electric truck on off-roading trails, but also on the highway.

That is one wide truck.

Scarbo Vintage

Designed To Tear Up Trails

Joe Scarbo, CEO of Scarbo Vintage, says the SV Rover represents a combination of nostalgic British design and modern American muscle and tech. It’s not hard to see the inspiration from the old-school Land Rovers, but the SV Rover packs way more of a punch. The two-seater truck runs on a 750kW powertrain that amounts to more than 1,000 horsepower. The SV Rover is powered by a 75 kWh Li-ion battery, which isn’t as large as the one found in the Hummer, but is likely much lighter.

To help the SV Rover handle rough terrain, it has 30 inches of wheel travel and an air-ride suspension that has adjustable height control and valving. The 40-inch tires are paired with 20-inch wheels and a six-piston brake system with carbon ceramic rotors, and the body is built with carbon fiber and aluminum.

Inside the SV Rover, there’s a 12.3-inch gauge cluster and a 12.8-inch multimedia display. Don’t expect any fancier features beyond that since it only gets push-button start, climate controls, power door locks, power windows, and rear cargo space. After all, this thing was made for tackling tough trails and doesn’t have any need for fancy HUDs or wireless charging.

The SV Rover’s interiors are fairly basic compared to its high-performance build.

Scarbo Vintage

Performance Comes With a Price

According to Scarbo Vintage, the SV Rover took 14 years of design and development but it’s finally available. You have to order the electric truck through the company’s website, but each of them will be built to order with prices starting at $1.5 million.

If you don’t have a cool million dollars lying around, you can always compromise with more affordable options that won’t get you as much performance. There’s always the Tesla Cybertruck, which is still supposed to handle off-roading and short trips across water.

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