This Drift-Proof Controller Turns Your Tablet Into a Nintendo-Inspired Gaming Handheld

Frankenstein your way into a Switch XL.

GameSir X2s mobile controller

We’re not saying a gaming handheld with a 12-inch display should be a thing, but GameSir wants to at least give you the option to do so.

The gaming peripheral maker released its latest mobile gaming controller called the X2s, which works for iPhone 15 and Android smartphones thanks to a USB-C port. Besides making mobile games feel a lot more tactile, you can even use the X2s for remote gaming apps like Steam Link or PS Remote Play.

Unlike other mobile gaming controllers from Backbone or Razer, the X2s lets you experience those upper limits of handheld gaming since it can fit tablets as well as phones. It should even beat out one of the largest gaming handheld displays we’ve seen with the OneXPlayer X1’s nearly 11-inch screen.

There’s no need to be ashamed of playing mobile with a ridiculously-large tablet.

RetroBreeze / YouTube

When is A Handheld Display Too Big?

When it comes to smartphones with a USB-C port, the X2s can accommodate the ones that measure 4.3 and 6.6 inches in length. If you yank apart the two sides of the controller, you’ll see that the X2s will still be connected through two sets of springs. As shown by RetroBreeze, you can even fit a 12-inch tablet thanks to the range of the springs.

The YouTuber does point out that overuse of the springs may lead to a sagging issue between the two sides of the controller when you go back to using it with smartphones. GameSir probably expects most of its users to use the X2s with smartphones but we should think of this as a nice bonus for when we feel like maxing out our screen real estate.

Of course, GameSir’s latest controller has all the features that make third-party alternatives great, like Hall effect joysticks to prevent stick drift, Hall effect triggers for more precision when pressing, and customizable input settings. GameSir even adds a toggle between hair trigger and analog trigger modes, a turbo function for easier button spamming, and a pivoting USB-C port that makes it work better with foldable phones.

GameSir designed the X2s to work with foldable phones and tablets.


Nintendo Color Only

GameSir already made its X2s available on its website for $45.99. While it may not be as polished as the Backbone One, it’s about half the price. We’re not sure if GameSir has any plans to release any more colorways, but it looks like the lilac and gray model will be the only option right now. If you’re looking for more functionality, you could always go with GameSir’s X2 Pro model, which gets a right-side USB-C port, passthrough charging, and back buttons, for $79.99.

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