These NES-Inspired Controllers Will Never Get Stick Drift

We’ve come so far in controller design since the original NES.

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Crkd's Neo S wireless controller

Brick-like controllers are back with a modern makeover.

Crkd, known for its Nitro Deck accessory for the Nintendo Switch, revealed its Neo S controllers that pair a retro-inspired design with some modern features. Unlike buying an old-school NES controller and trying to figure out how to adapt it to a modern system, you’re better off with this contemporary take that has joysticks, more buttons, and Bluetooth compatibility.

While the Nitro Deck was only meant for the Switch, the Neo S will also work with PCs, smartphones, and smart TVs. Strangely enough, Crkd says its Neo S controllers will be collectible since each of them has different rarities that a companion app will identify if you register the controller. It feels more like a gimmick than a feature, but collectible controllers aren’t totally unheard of. Nintendo has done special edition Joy-Cons and Xbox has collaborated with other brands for some funky limited-edition controllers.

What’s a retro-inspired device without a transparent finish?


Packed With Features

The Neo S has all the features you need for gaming on modern consoles these days. With the experience from the Nitro Deck, Crkd borrowed a lot of details, including Hall effect joysticks that prevent stick drift and can be easily swapped. Crkd also went with Hall effect triggers that have adjustable actuation so you can customize how sensitive they are.

Unlike the old-school NES controllers, the Neo S has two remappable back buttons, an internal gyroscope that’s compatible with Switch games, and adjustable vibration. If you’re looking for maximum responsiveness, you can turn on “No Deadzone” mode to get the full range of your thumbsticks. The Neo S even borrows the Nitro Deck’s Turbo Mode which lets you program any button on the controller to spam a button if you hold it down.

These colorways done in collaboration with POPeART could add more weight to the controller’s collectible nature.


Gotta Collect ‘Em All

Crkd is currently offering the Neo S in nine colorways, three of which are special editions made in collaboration with POPeART. You know Crkd had to run the transparent colorways back, which were first seen with the Nitro Deck, so we get to relive that 90s nostalgia.

The Neo S is already up for preorder on Crkd’s website, starting at $49.99. The company says the controllers will start shipping in April. Depending on whether you believe in the collectibility or not, it may be best to snag these controllers now.

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