Chevy’s Electric Camaro Could be One of the Most Affordable EVs in America

It should be a lot more fun to drive than a Bolt, too.

2024 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

The pony car could be sticking around in the electric age.

General Motors has been busy electrifying its entire portfolio and the company’s president, Mark Reuss, told MotorTrend that he wants the Chevrolet Camaro to make a comeback as an EV that stays true to its pony car roots.

That’s a stark contrast to what Ford has done with the Mustang. Instead of keeping the classic American muscle look, Ford went with an SUV design that would appeal to more people. On top of that, Reuss told MotorTrend that the Camaro EV could be around the same price as the Equinox EV, which starts at around $35,000. That’s not as cheap as the current gas-powered Camaro, but an electric version could get the benefit of up to $7,500 in federal tax credits.

A Camaro EV could fill the gap for an electric pony car.


Powered by Ultium

It’s not the first time we heard rumors about an all-electric Camaro. Previously, a report from Car and Driver showed that Chevy was looking into breaking out the Camaro name as a subbrand. With its own lineup, the Camaro brand would include SUV, coupe, and convertible models. Now, Reuss’ latest remarks point toward a “coupe-like” design that improves the terrible outward visibility of the existing Camaro.

We’re expecting an electric Camaro to run on GM’s Ultium platform that we see with other current EVs, like the Chevy Blazer EV and the GMC Hummer EV. We might still be a while away from Chevy putting a new Camaro into production though, since Reuss told MotorTrend that GM needs to scale up battery production to bring costs down, allowing a future Camaro to potentially hit that $35,000 price. That’s a good chunk cheaper than the Mustang Mach-E’s $40,000 starting price tag, too.

Chevy already electrified its Corvette. Why not the Camaro next?


Still in the Works

So far, the future of the Camaro name is still unknown after Chevy decided to end production with the 2024 model year. While the automaker previously hinted that the Camaro would make a comeback, we still don’t have official confirmation. Even with Reuss’ most recent comments, it doesn’t sound like Chevy has finalized what an electric Camaro looks like.

It does feel like Chevy wants to stay true to the pony car style, but we’re curious how the automaker wants to do justice by the Camaro name. It could adopt other features like the fake engine noises we see with the electric Dodge Charger. More importantly, it should commit to making the Camaro start at an affordable price point.

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