The Equinox Will Be Chevy’s Most Affordable EV Yet

That is until the Chevy Bolt makes its anticipated return next year.

Chevy Equinox EV in 1LT FWD trim

With the Chevrolet Bolt still missing from its latest lineup, it’s up to the Equinox EV to take up the affordable EV mantle.

Chevy confirmed the pricing tiers of the front-wheel drive trims of its Equinox EV, which will start at $34,995. That price tag includes the destination charge but excludes federal tax incentives, meaning it can go even lower. It’s not as affordable as the $30,000 price tag that Chevy originally proposed for the all-electric SUV, but we’re desperate for some more affordable EV options in the U.S.

At that retail price, the Equinox EV will become the most affordable option in Chevy’s electric lineup. When released later this year, the Equinox EV will beat out the Blazer EV, which starts at $56,715. Since the Bolt isn’t set to make its big comeback until next year, this may be the best option for those unwilling to wait until then or those looking for something with more space.

The Equinox EV’s FWD trims can get up to 319 miles on a full charge.


All-Wheel Drive Available Later

The most affordable Equinox EV model starts at $34,995 but can drop down to $27,495 with the full federal tax credit, excluding any additional fees. Chevy is offering plenty of options, including a 2LT FWD upgrade that starts at $43,295 and a 3LT FWD version for at least $45,295. You can also opt for the sportier 2RS FWD trim that starts at $44,795, or the 3RD FWD model at the top of the lineup that goes for $46,795. Even though Chevy was aiming for an affordable price tag with the Equinox EV, it still gets up to 319 miles of range.

Along with confirming the FWD trim prices, Chevy released range details for its upcoming AWD models of the Equinox EV. The dual-motor AWD versions are expected to get an EPA-estimated range of 288 miles, where you’ll trade off some range for more power. Chevy hasn’t revealed the pricing of these AWD models yet but says that all the FWD trims will have the option to upgrade.

We saw initial specs when Chevy first teased the Equinox EV in 2022, so we already know that the FWD trims will get an estimated 213 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque. The AWD models will see a bump up to 288 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque. Both versions will be able to fast charge up to 150 kW, which allows you to get back around 70 miles of range in about 10 minutes of charging.

Chevy has already started production on its affordable electric SUV.


Arriving Later This Year

You won’t have to wait much longer for the first Equinox EVs since Chevy says it’s already started production at its assembly plant in Mexico. You’ll be able to order the upcoming SUV later this year, with Chevy starting deliveries by mid-2024.

The Equinox EV may not be groundbreaking, but it offers a solid range of more than 300 miles at a price point that’s around $25,000 with the federal tax incentives. That’s what most people are truly looking for when it comes to an EV, anyway.

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