Hyundai’s Tiny New SUV Will Be Its Cheapest EV Yet

The Hyundai Casper is only confirmed for Europe right now.

Hyundai Casper

It’s a real shame to see the mini EV segment growing everywhere else but the U.S.

To rub it in, Hyundai confirms that it will release an all-electric mini SUV based on the existing Casper, to European markets, as first reported by Auto Moto. Even better, Hyundai is targeting a €20,000, or around $21,500, price tag for the electrified Casper.

Hyundai is hoping to stay competitive in the affordable EV market in Europe with the Casper, which will go against the likes of the Dacia’s Spring, Citroën’s ë-C3, or Volkswagen’s ID. 2all. Here in the U.S., we’re mostly stuck with the Chevrolet Bolt and we even have to wait for its comeback in 2025. It’s also not likely the Bolt will be as cheap as the upcoming Hyundai Casper.

Hyundai will be electrifying its Casper model for European markets.


Designed for City Commutes

Hyundai isn’t building the Casper from scratch, since an ICE model has been available in South Korea since 2021. Lionel French Keogh, CEO of Hyundai France, confirmed that this would be the first time the Korean automaker is introducing the Casper to Europe and as an EV. Beyond the confirmation, the Hyundai exec didn’t reveal any specs for the Casper so we’re still in the dark about the upcoming EV’s range and performance. Considering the ICE version was designed as a city commuter, we’re not expecting any impressive specs with an electrified model.

Some previous spy photos showed that Hyundai revamped the interiors of the Casper EV. CarScoops spotted that Hyundai went with a larger infotainment system and other changes to the instrument panel with an early prototype. According to the report, the Casper EV will use a module that can pump out up to 181 horsepower. However, we’re expecting much less power when it comes to a production-ready model since it’s just meant to get you around city streets.

We could see some changes to the exterior to the electrified version of the Hyundai Casper.


Pre-Incentive Pricing

While the $21,500 price tag seems settled, we’re less sure of Hyundai’s plans for tax incentives when it comes to the Casper EV. Hyundai France’s CEO says that the mini SUV could qualify for additional subsidies, which could mean it’ll be produced in the Czech Republic along with the Kona EV. However, Automotive News Europe reports that Hyundai will manufacture the EV in South Korea, which would disqualify it from any European incentives.

The report also notes that Hyundai could start production as early as July, with a debut planned for the third quarter of this year. As for its release, French Keogh says that the all-electric Casper will arrive in France by the end of the year.

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