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The 7 best action cameras of 2022

2022 introduced a ton of action camera variations beyond the traditional GoPros that we’re used to.

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We can always count on GoPro to release the latest edition of its flagship action camera, as we saw again this year. Beyond GoPro’s most recent offering, we saw a handful of other action cameras designed with more specific needs in mind.

2022 proved to be an interesting year for action cameras with the release of an ultra-lightweight GoPro to a 360-degree action camera that was co-engineered with Leica. Any solid action camera should be able to keep up with you and capture any adventure you throw at it, but they all have their own pros and cons.

Of course, many of these options are also just annual refreshes of a certain model, so the previous season’s editions are probably still worth looking into if you want a more affordable option. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest, though, here are some of the best action cameras that were released in 2022. (Presented in no particular order.)


Like clockwork, GoPro released an updated version of its signature action camera. The Hero11 Black represents GoPro’s best-in-class device, equipped with a new 1/1.9-inch sensor for 5.3K60p video and 27-megapixel photos. The larger sensor means you’ll have the widest field-of-view yet, while also allowing for 8:7 aspect ratio videos that are better suited for social media posts.

GoPro Hero11 Black Mini

The Hero11 Black is arguably already very compact, but you may be in the market for something even smaller. GoPro acknowledges those who want even smaller action cams with the Hero11 Black Mini that removes the screen and slims down its flagship model. The mini version still has the same sensor as the Hero11 Black, meaning you’ll get the same photo and video quality as its older sibling.

Insta360 X3

The traditional action cam may be good enough for most purposes, but 360-degree action cams have one distinct advantage: they record everything. That means less time fussing around framing your shot and more time doing whatever it is you’re trying to record. Insta360 is up to its third edition of its signature 360 cams, this time giving it two 1/2-inch sensors that can capture 360-degree footage in 5.3K resolution.

Insta360 One RS One-Inch 360 Edition

If you’re chasing specs, you may be more interested in Insta360’s One RS One-Inch 360 Edition which was co-engineered with Leica. Its dual one-inch sensors mean you get 6K 360 video resolution and 21-megapixel 360 photos, while still remaining portable and lightweight. Just keep in mind that you’ll be paying a lot more for that extra image quality.

DJI Osmo Action 3

DJI decided to abandon its modular design from the Osmo Action 2 and instead update the form factor we saw with the original Osmo Action. While the Action 3 is not as feature-packed as the GoPro Hero11 Black, it still holds its own with 4K/120p video, 12-megapixel photos, and reliable weather and impact resistance.

GoPro Hero10 Black Bones

If you’ve sawed your GoPro in half to MacGyver it onto your FPV drone in the past, you’re not alone. However, GoPro doesn’t want you to have to resort to such drastic measures and instead released its Hero10 Black Bones. This modified GoPro doesn’t have a screen, battery, heatsink, or waterproofing elements and was designed specifically to be paired with an FPV drone.

Insta360 One RS

If you can’t decide what kind of action camera you want, Insta360 has got the perfect solution for your indecisiveness. Its One RS action cam was made with flexibility in mind since it has a modular design that can swap out camera lenses. It can go from a traditional action cam to a 360 cam or even take on a wide-angle lens just by snapping the components together like Legos.

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