DJI Action 2 review: GoPro may have met its match

The Action 2 camera ditches the GoPro look for a modular design that’s fully customizable. Almost everything checks out except one thing, which could be a dealbreaker.

And... action

The sequel to DJI’s Osmo Action doesn’t look like a GoPro. For the Action 2 camera, DJI went for a small cube-shaped modular camera system that it’s hoping will get everyone from YouTube vloggers to travelers to adrenaline junkies stoked.

Alejandro Medellin / Input

The Osmo Action 2 is actually made up of two modules: the top camera module with OLED touchscreen and the choice between the front-facing OLED touchscreen module (Dual-Screen) or the power module (Power Combo). Both secondary modules extend the core module’s battery life by over 50 percent while adding a microSD slot.

Alejandro Medellin / Input