Ethereum's big merge reduces climate impact but not transaction fees

The merge should reduce Ethereum's power consumption by approximately 99 percent.


Crypto mining expends more energy than the entire country of Australia

A new report from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy outlines the environmental toll of generating crypto assets.


California looks to ban gas vehicle sales by 2035

Other states are sure to follow suit with green goals of their own.

Out of Gas

Tesla's virtual power plant actually helped with California grid overload

Tesla Powerwall customers provided as much as 16 MW of power during the event.


Amazon's carbon footprint worsened last year despite climate initiatives

Amazon produced as much CO2 last year as the entire country of Austria.


Amazon expands electric van and drone deliveries to undo its climate harms

Rivian electric vans are now making deliveries in nine more cities across the U.S., and drone deliveries are coming to Texas.


U.S. reaches electric vehicle mass adoption milestone

EVs comprise more than 5 percent of all new vehicle sales — a number analysts are calling a "tipping point."


The Hummer EV produces more CO2 than a gas-powered sedan

Even going all-electric has its limits for how much good it can do.


Amazon is also testing electric cargo bikes for city deliveries

Not to be outdone by UPS, Amazon is trying out cargo bikes of its own for greener deliveries.


Tesla Powerwall owners will soon get paid to be energy mules

The Virtual Power Plant program is about as useful as it is bleak, unfortunately.


Japan hopes huge underwater turbine will supply most of country's energy

Japan wants Kairyu, a 330-ton turbine, to leverage deep-ocean currents for generating power by 2030.


William Shatner's Blue Origin flight sent him weeping for the environment

All it took was a $28 million trip to Earth's orbit for Shatner to realize the existential threat of climate destruction.


Biden administration will create EV charging standards... eventually

The U.S. will someday have more than 500,000 charging stations, the White House says.


Oatly's new electric trucks will drastically reduce its carbon footprint

Even oat milk production contributes to climate change when diesel trucks are involved.


Toyota's new home battery system builds on its EV battery innovations

Electric vehicle research is allowing for the creation of bigger, smarter batteries.


Toyota's experimental hydrogen cartridges are portable and swappable

Our hydrogen infrastructure still has a long way to go before it's ready for mainstream adoption.