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A ragtag community is keeping this aughts Wikipedia gadget alive

“The grid is down, massive rolling blackouts, tornadoes, but I must know about the history of the horseshoe sandwich!”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 01: Jay-Z is seen out and about in Manhattan on August 01, 2022 in New Y...

Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey's Bitcoin Academy is not going over well

The initiative was meant to empower residents of the Marcy Houses, but their testimonials paint a different story.

Brian Armstrong, CEO and Co-Founder, Coinbase, speaks during the Milken Institute Global Conference ...

Coinbase pushing pro crypto-lobbying crusade through its app

Brian Armstrong, the company's CEO, announced an update to the brand's mobile app that will inform users on their state politicians' stance on crypto.


I can’t stop watching fitness influencers risk life and limb for viral fame

People have been embarking on outlandish exercises in the gym for views, and the trend has reached a boiling point.


Melania Trump's NFT ornaments make me want to cancel Christmas

Part of the proceeds will go to scholarships for children in foster families. Emphasis on the "part" part.


The SEC is finally getting tougher on crypto

The move to create two new divisions focused on reining in the crypto sector signals a major shift in attitude.


Twitter shareholders tell Elon Musk they'll gladly take his $44 billion

Musk still won't pull out his wallet.


Crypto investors still think they're going to get filthy rich, study finds

A study from The Harris Poll, conducted in July, demonstrates the unrelenting faith of crypto enthusiasts.


A new Adobe report confirms no one likes the poop emoji

Adobe's "Future of Creativity" study has insights on the most used, hated, and misunderstood emoji of 2022.

Good Riddance

Starbucks’ new NFT program isn’t even worth roasting

The company's Rewards loyalty program will adopt the technology while also obscuring it.


Crypto mining expends more energy than the entire country of Australia

A new report from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy outlines the environmental toll of generating crypto assets.


Cloudflare severs ties with Kiwi Farms, notorious hate-filled forum

One of the world's most toxic websites will no longer receive hosting from Cloudflare following what its CEO classified as a threat of "imminent danger."


Terror groups are using NFTs to spread extremist messages, report finds

The first known digital token, created to sympathize with extremist views, was reported on over the weekend by the Wall Street Journal.


Interns thought they could count on return offers. Then Meta dropped them.

“ATTENTION @meta interns. Now that we got fired by Facebook does anyone wanna come together to create a startup?? Serious inquiries only.”


Former crypto CEO faces potential 40,000-year sentence in Turkish jail

Faruk Özer disappeared in April 2021 after shutting down Thodex, an Istanbul-based crypto platform, and absconding with millions of dollars in investor money.


How the internet turned dadcore staple, ‘fish fear me,’ into viral fashion

Once a fixture of fishing dads, the wry motto has become a favorite among young people.

Women love me