Cute tamagotchi vector pattern, seamless repeat on light background. Flat illustration style in past...

How (and why) I bent the rules to raise a gay Tamagotchi

Fans have long lamented Bandai’s bias toward heteronormative dynamics.


Freewrite's new smart typewriter is a spiritual AlphaSmart successor

The Freewrite Alpha is cheaper and smaller than the company's previous E ink typewriters, and it's headed to Indiegogo.


Nike's new AR experience highlights archival styles

Made in partnership with global creative company Buck, the WebAR feature allows consumers to explore vintage Nike products.


Tamagotchi Pix Party is everything the first-gen Pix hoped to be

From camera quality and battery life to those notorious touch buttons, Pix Party brings upgrades all around.

Say Cheese

Higround and Sega collab on chaotic Sonic, Dreamcast keyboards

The collab features three Sonic-themed mechanical keyboards, but the Dreamcast one is the chef’s kiss.


Microsoft’s first-ever clothing capsule features its iconic desktop background, of course

Designed by Jerry Lorenzo and Nipsey Hussle collaborator Gavin Mathieu.


Why the 8BitDo Pro 2 is the best controller for retro gaming

It's always great to play retro games on the original controller, but the 8BitDo Pro 2 is actually better than the real thing.


TikTok users love to watch this guy’s drawing robots screw up

Social web pioneer Joshua Schachter’s perfectly imperfect @robotsdraw account has gone viral in recent months.


MNT's mini laptop takes modularity to new heights

The Pocket Reform even comes with a trackball for some serious retro vibes.


How old tech like iPods have become hot fashion accessories

In today’s highly digitized world, people are falling back to outdated electronics like iPods, wired headphones, and ‘00s tech toys to find a sense of comfort — and style.


Higround’s see-through keyboard has major Game Boy Color vibes

Higround collaborated with Prix Workshop to make a mechanical keyboard with fully transparent keycaps and multi-color LEDs.


RIP Internet Explorer, the early web’s favorite bad browser

Windows is officially letting its iconic (and notorious) web browser go to the great Recycle Bin in the sky.


Sega's Mega Drive Mini 2 comes with a make-believe Sega CD add-on

The second-generation mini retro console features 50 built-in games and a cosmetic Sega CD attachment for that full retro look.


Adidas and Gucci’s retro sportswear can be yours now, but not for cheap

The lineup of Gazelle sneakers alone makes this luxury collaboration the best yet from Adidas.


New Balance does up the 2002R sneaker like a Kawasaki Ninja

An unofficial nod to 2012’s 993 collaboration.


Modder resurrects Nintendo’s Power Glove to play Mario Kart

An enterprising modder has managed to get the "classic" Nintendo peripheral working on a Switch.

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