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PS VR2 isn’t backwards compatible with older VR games

Sony will not let PS VR games play on the PS VR2, despite it seeming more than capable of running them.

Sim racer James Baldwin

Inside the world of sim racing, the next best thing to Formula 1

VR drivers gather on YouTube to watch each other race and show off rigs worth tens of thousands of dollars.

BRAZIL - 2022/05/02: In this photo illustration, the PlayStation logo is seen in the background of a...

Sony wants its cut of the lucrative mobile gaming market

This could mean we'll get mobile spinoffs of popular PlayStation IP, like Horizon Forbidden West or Gran Turismo.

The Valve Steam Deck.

Valve confirms we’re going to see a lot more Steam Deck in the future

In a booklet introducing the Steam Deck to Asia, Valve commits to its handheld and Steam OS and drops hints about future VR plans, too.


Sony’s pro controller finally gives us the customization we want

The upcoming DualSense Edge wireless controller lets us remap buttons, save multiple profiles, and best of all, easily swap out joysticks.

The PS VR2

You may actually be able to find a PS5 by the time Sony’s PS VR2 launches

Sony officially set a launch window for its VR headset as "early 2023," avoiding the intro of Meta’s new headset and landing right in the expected timeframe of Apple’s first mixed-reality product.


Hori's Split Pad Fit are the Joy-Con alternative I desperately need

After some quality time with the Steam Deck, I can't go back to the Nintendo Switch's basic, uncomfortable controllers. Hori’s new controllers could be the solution.

My Hands Are Suffering
Surplex Full-Body Tracking Shoe is compatible with virtual reality

Body-tracking shoes will let you step deeper into virtual reality

Surplex’s Kickstarter campaign seeks to use 480 pressure sensors to track your every move.

The Odyssey Ark rotated vertically.

I would let Samsung’s enormous 55-inch Odyssey Ark display crush me

After debuting as one of the wildest products at CES 2022, Samsung's Odyssey Ark 55-inch monitor is available to preorder today.

The Giant

Billionaire Boys Club’s Pokémon rug is enough to justify the collab

The tufted rug may call back to your childhood bedsheets.