Sony’s pro controller finally gives us the customization we want

The upcoming DualSense Edge wireless controller lets us remap buttons, save multiple profiles, and best of all, easily swap out joysticks.

Sony / YouTube

Sony is late to the party, but it’s finally releasing a pro controller. The company revealed its DualSense Edge wireless controller during the GamesCom trade show. Judging from the design, it’s exactly what PS5 players have been asking for.

It’s as beautiful as it is functional.Sony

Sony is a few years behind the competition, since Microsoft is already up to its second series for its Xbox Elite Wireless controller. Third-party companies like Scuf have even stepped up to fill the gap that PS5 left open, landing a bunch of customers through its Reflex controller.

It’s still better late than never. This way, Sony had a lot of design cues to draw from when creating its DualSense Edge controller. Sony really amped up the customizability of the pro controller compared to the regular DualSense controller, adding in extra buttons, the ability to map any button, and swappable joysticks.

The solution to the dreaded joystick drift issue.Sony / YouTube

Fully swappable — More specifically, the DualSense Edge controller lets you remap or even deactivate certain buttons. You can also adjust the joystick sensitivity and dead zones, as well as the triggers for travel distance and dead zones. The trigger adjustability means you can get faster inputs when playing competitive shooters, as well as more precise throttle control when you switch over to racing games. You can even customize your stick caps and back buttons to get a more ergonomic fit.

The DualSense Edge lets you save multiple controller profiles, which is perfect if you have other people using your PS5. You can even take advantage of this feature when you’re playing chiller story-based games like Disco Elysium but then have to switch to a more intense FPS, like Call of Duty: Warzone or Apex Legends.

Play how you want with all the custom options.Sony

Sony added an Fn button that gives you a quick way to adjust your controller preferences. The button can be used to swap between controller profiles, adjust game volume and chat balance, or access the controller profile’s settings.

Sony finally gave us a solution to stick drift with a likely more expensive pro controller that has swappable joystick modules. The DualSense Edge lets us easily swap out joysticks when they inevitably become chewed up from daily wear and tear. The one thing that Sony missed on was the number of back buttons. It only has two, whereas the Scuf controller and even Microsoft’s pro Xbox controller have four.

Could use a couple more buttons in the back, but I’m not complaining.Sony

Pro pricing likely — Of course the DualSense Edge comes with all the same features we see in the regular DualSense controller, like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, motion controls, a built-in mic, and more.

The pro PS5 controller also comes with a braided USB-C cable that has a specific connector housing that makes it harder for it to slip out and a carrying case that has an opening to let it continue charging.

A much-needed upgrade for most PS5 gamers.Sony

Sony didn’t announce any launch dates or pricing details just yet, adding that it would share more information in the coming months. If we had to guess, Sony should be pricing this anywhere between $180 and $200, to make it competitively viable.