My Hands Are Suffering

Hori's Split Pad Fit are the Joy-Con alternative I desperately need

After some quality time with the Steam Deck, I can't go back to the Nintendo Switch's basic, uncomfortable controllers. Hori’s new controllers could be the solution.


I love my Nintendo Switch OLED, but after reviewing the Steam Deck and getting used to its gigantic, ergonomic controls, its really hard to go back to the Joy-Cons. Hori’s new Split Pad Fit controllers might be just the thing I need.

Pedigree — If the Hori Split Pad name sounds familiar, it’s because the Japanese accessory company already released the excellent Split Pad Pro, a Joy-Con alternative that basically replaced Nintendo’s cute, but uncomfortable controllers with an Xbox controller cut in half. Seriously, we loved this controller when we reviewed it last year.

They’re closer to standard Joy Con than the Split Pad Pro, but they still seem way more comfortable to hold.Hori

The Split Pad Fit seem to work off the same basic theory — more ergonomic design, extra back buttons, fun colors — but in a smaller and more approachable package. Something that doesn’t get in the way of the portability of the Switch, but still conforms to your hands.

It’s missing some Joy-Con features in that they don’t work wirelessly, lack NFC support for Amiibo, and don’t have HD Rumble, but if handheld is the main way you play Switch, the Split Pad Fit seems like a great option.

Availability — Currently, Hori is only advertising and listing the Split Pad Fit on its Japanese storefronts for 5,480 yen (around $40), with a targeted launch of September. If its anything like the company’s previous controller, though, it should make its way to other countries not long after. And I’ll gladly line up to buy them.