Insta360 Go 2 review: A tiny and ingenious action cam

Inspired design, intuitive software, and a flexible selection of accessories justify the price tag... but don’t expect epic battery life.

Craig Wilson / Input

Not a 360-cam

Insta360 is best known for its pricey (but excellent) 360 cams, the prosumer grade One X, its amusingly named successor, the One X2, and a pile of high-end, super expensive, professional 360 rigs.

However, it also makes action cams, including a modular one called the One R, and a dinky one called the Go 2.

Craig Wilson / Input


The Go 2 is seriously compact and weighs a mere 26.5g (0.93oz). Even when it’s in its brilliant, multi-function, AirPods Pro-sized charging case (more on this later), it only weighs 63.5g (2.24oz).

Those diminutive dimensions make it easy to put in unusual places.

Craig Wilson / Input