Thor Benson

Thor Benson writes about innovation and culture for Inverse. He has also contributed to The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, Wired, and many other publications.
Security fail
5 hours ago
You had one job: Defense agency that handles secure communications hacked
Thor Benson
The hack may have revealed social security numbers and more of thousands.
Grow wheat every day
6 hours ago
Climate change threatens crops. A.I. could help save them.
Thor Benson
A new kind of A.I. could help us increase agricultural yields.
Tesla out
8 hours ago
Tesla leads movement away from scarce resource found in electric car batteries
Thor Benson
We need to more efficiently use certain materials if we're going to keep up with the growing popularity of electric cars.
Reboot Camp
10 hours ago
The 10 weirdest pieces of tech the military is testing right now
Thor Benson
The military is always testing out new technology to eliminate enemies and keep soldiers safe, and some of these technologies are pretty odd.
Robot with butterfly wings
2.19.2020 9:53 PM
Video shows ultra-fast robot wings that are powered by sunlight
Thor Benson
Researchers have developed robotic wings that are powered by the Sun that imitate butterfly wings.
From red to green
2.19.2020 7:01 PM
New report shows solar jobs leaving coal in the dust—especially in the South
Thor Benson
The solar industry is simply glowing.
Ghost in the shell
2.19.2020 1:00 PM
Driverless cars can't tell the difference between projections and real objects
Thor Benson
This could be a concerning development for those who are working on autonomous vehicles.
Iran to see it
2.18.2020 9:13 PM
Watch Iran's humanoid robot drill through a wall and take a selfie
Thor Benson
Iran has unveiled its latest version of its humanoid robot.
Invisible energy
2.18.2020 7:47 PM
The air around us contains energy. Researchers figured out how to capture it.
Thor Benson
This is a groundbreaking concept, and it could change the renewable energy scene forever.
Cloud wars
2.15.2020 8:00 PM
Amazon is fighting Microsoft tooth-and-nail over a Pentagon contract
Thor Benson
Amazon is disputing a contract Microsoft got with the Pentagon. Bezos think Trump sabotaged him.
Bernie Musk
2.14.2020 7:43 PM
Could Elon Musk's Bernie memes reveal his true political leanings?
Thor Benson
Elon Musk has been posting Bernie memes. We investigate if he might be a Bernie Sanders fan, beyond the memes.
Fix thy self
2.13.2020 9:42 PM
Researchers created a 'smart bandage' to heal wounds that won't heal
Thor Benson
There are millions of Americans who deal with chronic wounds, and this smart bandage could change their lives.
2.13.2020 8:01 PM
How A.I. could help improve Wikipedia's accuracy
Thor Benson
A new paper suggests A.I. could be used to help make Wikipedia as accurate as possible.
2.13.2020 7:55 PM
Traveling the world is going to get very easy, thanks to VR
Thor Benson
It might not beat the real thing, but it will beat browsing Wikipedia entries.
Some jobs suck
2.13.2020 1:00 PM
A legal case could threaten anonymous Glassdoor reviews
Thor Benson
A case involving Glassdoor and the Electronic Freedom Foundation is at the center of free speech online.
Deeply fake
2.12.2020 7:22 PM
Facebook's latest attempt to fight misinformation is a sham, critics say
Thor Benson
Reuters is now going to start helping Facebook identify misinformation on the platform during the 2020 election and beyond.
2.12.2020 5:02 PM
In Chile, a telescope with a car-sized camera is going to change astronomy
David Grossman and Thor Benson
Once complete, the giant telescope will reinvent how we view the night sky.
It's not a gamble
2.12.2020 3:12 PM
100,000 self-driving riders can't be wrong: Las Vegas experiment looks like a success
Thor Benson
Lyft collaborate with Aptiv to test out self-driving car rides in the city of sin.
US to be trumped
2.11.2020 9:06 PM
China set to overtake US in science as thousands of scientists return home
Thor Benson
The United States has long been a scientific leader, but it appears China could outperform the US in this decade.
2.11.2020 9:00 PM
Experts say deepfakes could swing the 2020 election
Thor Benson
Don't trust your senses.