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Young Innovators
Meet the science fair kids making sunscreen environmentally friendly
Sofia Quaglia
Just lather it on.
Simple as 1, 2, 3
One human-like ability may be the key to 14 animals' survival
Sofia Quaglia
Turns out being able to count may be the evolutionary edge that makes the difference.
Human composting could revolutionize how we deal with death
Sofia Quaglia
States and scientists are paving the way for bringing green burial options, and human composting, to a town near you.
Dino days
Meet Dineobellator, a new, fierce dinosaur species from 67 million years ago
Sofia Quaglia
"Its unique features tell us these dinosaurs were still evolving new traits and trying out new things right until the end."
Carb craze
Carbo-loading in quarantine: Experts explain why we crave bread and pasta in a crisis
Sofia Quaglia
"Eat mindfully and make a loving ritual out of it, rather than have it be mindless.”
Hot tub time
Taking one hot bath a day lowers the risk of 3 deadly diseases — study
Sofia Quaglia
Soak it off.
Listen to me
Your voice assistant might be racist for one troubling reason — study
Sofia Quaglia
“Not everyone can take advantage of these powerful new tools.”
So fresh and so clean
5 tips to clean your home for coronavirus, from a microbiologist
Sofia Quaglia
A science-backed guide to keep your home clean without also encouraging antibiotic resistance.
Don't touch
Coronavirus: 4 studies explain how COVID-19 sticks to surfaces
Sofia Quaglia
"The virus can clearly survive for many hours on surfaces."
Deep impact
Scientists fired a copper cannonball at an asteroid — here's what happened next
Sofia Quaglia
“All this is super exciting.”
Silent fighters
Coronavirus: How asymptomatic carriers spread a disease like COVID-19
Sofia Quaglia
Can you have COVID-19 without showing any symptoms? That may be main driver behind the pandemic, according to scientists.
Shake my hand
This ancient fish with arms might be the reason you have hands
Sofia Quaglia
"A crocodile-like body shape with a flat triangular head, numerous teeth around the jaws and in the palate..."
Coronavirus: 11 psychological reasons why we hoard toilet paper in a crisis
Sofia Quaglia
Toilet paper's in demand over covid-19. Psychology explains why.
Saber-tooth tigers: New photos of unearthed skulls match science with surprise
Sofia Quaglia
This big cat was the size of a bear.
Protein space
Study: Structure of 3.5 billion-year-old molecules could help us find aliens
Sofia Quaglia
This may be the biological signature we need to find life on other planets.
Spreading ahead
9 numbers that forecast the future of Coronavirus
Sofia Quaglia
As the world grapples with the coronavirus outbreak, officials across the globe are making all sorts of predictions: but it's not that easy.
Quads and quarantine
Exercise in the time of coronavirus: How to work out safely in a pandemic
Sofia Quaglia
These 9 etiquette rules could help keep you safe at the gym.
Tick tock
A new discovery reveals Earth has not always had a 24-hour day
Sofia Quaglia
A year in the life of a prehistoric clam reads like a dinosaur's diary.
Pandemic proof
How to: The science of making your own hand sanitizer
Sofia Quaglia
Four scientists explain what you need to do to make your own hand sanitizer.
Squeaky clean
Coronavirus: How to wash your hands properly, according to an infectious disease expert
Sofia Quaglia
Hand hygiene is the most important way to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus."