Sofia Quaglia

Sofia Quaglia is a freelance science journalist. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, BBC, National Geographic, Wired, and more. You can reach her at


In 15 Years, We Might Put Messi On The Moon — But Should We?

“It would be a whole new ball game.”


Gaming tech could ease pain during surgery — here’s how

You’re lying in a relaxing meadow … and you’re barely feeling the scalpel cut into your skin.


AI can now detect pancreatic cancer better than radiologists

The technology could help combat one of the hardest-to-detect (and deadliest) diseases.


Kitchen upgrade: Scientists design a concept dishwasher that "massacres" bacteria in 30 seconds

Things are about to get steamy.


Study reveals how to rid some of the worst "forever chemicals" from the environment

A quick chemical reaction could do the trick for certain toxic substances, but skeptics say it isn’t an all-encompassing solution.


Amazon's new invention could let you “speak” to the dead — but should it?

Amazon, Microsoft, and other tech giants are circling closer to digital immortality.

Mind and Body

Has Covid-19 changed our relationship to drugs? Why the answer is so complicated

Research the pandemic changed many people’s relationship to drugs. In this case, drugs were less about feeling good and more about not feeling bad.


‘Deep fat’ study reveals a surprising brain-immune system connection

Visceral or deep fat is the so-called “hidden” fat around our organs.

Future Love

Can love be genetic? Science explains what Netflix gets wrong

“It’s all just a bit crap, to be honest.”

fresh shave

A condition thought only to affect women may cause male-pattern baldness

No ovaries needed.

cry me a river

Lab-grown body parts could cry just like you — unless they explode

A watershed moment.

Mind and Body

How jobs and gender influence how much alcohol you drink

New research gives a snapshot of specific groups of people who may be more at risk for alcohol abuse.

Young Innovators

Meet the science fair kids making sunscreen environmentally friendly

Just lather it on.

Simple as 1, 2, 3

One human-like ability may be the key to 14 animals' survival

Turns out being able to count may be the evolutionary edge that makes the difference.


Human composting could revolutionize how we deal with death

States and scientists are paving the way for bringing green burial options, and human composting, to a town near you.

Dino days

Meet Dineobellator, a new fierce species of dinosaur from 67 million years ago

"Its unique features tell us these dinosaurs were still evolving new traits and trying out new things right until the end."

Carb craze

Carbo-loading in quarantine: Experts explain why we crave bread and pasta in a crisis

"Eat mindfully and make a loving ritual out of it, rather than have it be mindless.”

Hot tub time

Taking one hot bath a day lowers the risk of 3 deadly diseases — study

Soak it off.

Listen to me

Your voice assistant might be racist for one troubling reason — study

“Not everyone can take advantage of these powerful new tools.”

So fresh and so clean

5 tips to clean your home for coronavirus, from a microbiologist

A science-backed guide to keep your home clean without also encouraging antibiotic resistance.