Adam Polonski

The book that was promised

How Winds of Winter can solve the oldest mystery in the books

'Game of Thrones' failed to answer one question raised in the very first book, but 'Winds of Winter' can still provide an answer.

The book that was promised

The Winds of Winter could make the show's worst villain even scarier

Are Roose and Ramsay Bolton actually a single skin-changing immortal?

Stannis the Mannis

One Winds of Winter theory can undo the worst death in Game of Thrones

The Night Lamp Theory shows why Stannis Might Not Die in Winds of Winter. He doesn’t have to burn his daughter at the stake, either.

GRRM Watch

Winds of Winter needs to confirm Brienne’s link to a Westeros legend

Honor, nobility, and height run in the family.

GRRM Watch

'Winds of Winter’ release date may finally explain a huge Targaryen prophecy

George R.R. Martin continues to keep fans in the dark about his next book. In the meantime, who are the three heads of the dragon, and why does it matter? Here’s what we know so far.

GRRM Watch

The ultimate Winds of Winter fan theory claims Bran Stark is evil

The crow and the raven may fly to different destinations.

Unleash the Kraken

The strangest Winds of Winter theory is more plausible than it seems

What is dead may never die.

Fire and Blood

Why Daenerys going "mad queen" will actually make sense in Winds of Winter

That heel turn is likely to be a lot more convincing in George R.R. Martin’s books.