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Inter-dimensional travel has never been easier! Inverse covers all the latest multiverse exploits from Marvel, DC, Rick and Morty, and anywhere else portal guns are sold.


“Okay, let's do this one last time, yeah?”


"Rick Potion #9" proves ‘Rick and Morty’ has the scariest multiverse ever

Seldom do sci-fi stories with a multiverse present such dire consequences.

Adult Swim


DC Comics Boss Geoff Johns On Reorienting His Multiverse

We met with Geoff Johns, DC Comics's Chief Creative Officer, to discuss 'Rebirth' and the fate of DC

DC Comics

The Gutter

Loki is changing the MCU in one unexpected way

Attack of the variants!


DC just revealed its secret weapon to compete against Marvel, and maybe win

Marvel may have beat DC to the multiverse punch, but the multiverse runs deep in DC history. Here's why the franchise will finally stand apart from the MCU.

Warner Bros. Television

Reel Science

Understand ‘Loki’ time travel through the real science of branching universes

The Disney+ show almost gets it right.



Explaining How Marvel's Multiverse Works in 'Doctor Strange'

'Doctor Strange' is only the beginning in the march towards 'Infinity War.'

Marvel STudios
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Rick and Morty Season 5 Hulu release date revealed! What about HBO Max?

Hulu subscribers rejoice, but HBO Max fans might be Rickety-Rickety-Wrecked when it comes to streaming Rick and Morty Season 5.

Spidey Sense

Did Spider-Man: No Way Home just reverse the worst Marvel death?

The redemption of Electro seems to suggest an alternate outcome for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


'Spider-Man: No Way Home's multiverse reveals a huge problem facing Marvel

Does anyone at Marvel Studios understand where this multiverse story is going? Here’s why there’s reason to be concerned after 'Spider-Man: No Way Home.'


Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer reveals a new suit. Here’s what it means.

It’s here...

Inverse Codex

What If? Season 2 release date, cast, plot, and trailer for the Marvel Disney Plus series

Everything you need to know about the second season of Marvel’s multiversal series.

No Way Home

'Spider-Man 3' may fix the worst thing about the MCU’s Peter Parker

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' may force the MCU's Peter Parker (Tom Holland) to grow up.

Hell's Kitchen

‘Spider-Man 3’ trailer may have a Daredevil cameo hidden in plain sight

The new trailer included some huge reveals — but you may have missed the biggest one of them all.

Trailer breakdown

Spider-Man 3 trailer may confirm a shocking Avengers 5 leak

The first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home is finally here and it reveals A LOT.

Binge Watcher

What If release date, start time, trailer, plot for the Marvel premiere

Here's everything you need to know about the MCU's newest show.

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You need to watch this underrated multiverse sci-fi movie on Amazon Prime ASAP

Before Marvel followed suit, 'Parallel' brought its crew of startup entrepreneurs into the multiverse.

Mischief Managed

You probably missed the most important Easter egg in Loki Episode 6

In an episode full of huge reveals, it's easy to overlook what might actually be the biggest.

Mischief Managed

'Loki’ theory: The Time Keepers’ big lie is worse than you think

The TVA's authority is universally recognized, but what if that's not the way it's meant to be?


'Spider-Man 3' leaks: Star confirms a canon-shattering casting rumor

There have been a ton of leaks about 'Spider-Man 3,' but what do we actually know for sure? A new interview with one of the stars could confirm 1 huge rumor that will change the MCU forever.


Doctor Strange 2 leak reveals 1 shocking way it'll change the MCU forever

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is already set to be one of Marvel's weirdest movies. That may be putting it lightly.


Doctor Strange leak reveals a terrifying Spider-Man 3 villain

The presence of the Sorcerer Supreme in 2021's untitled Spider-Man 3 may offer a clue at the real threat awaiting Spidey.

Snyder Cut

With the Snyder Cut, DCEU could beat Marvel to one major milestone

The dream is about to become a reality.