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Inter-dimensional travel has never been easier! Inverse covers all the latest multiverse exploits from Marvel, DC, Rick and Morty, and anywhere else portal guns are sold.


“Okay, let's do this one last time, yeah?”


"Rick Potion #9" proves ‘Rick and Morty’ has the scariest multiverse ever

Seldom do sci-fi stories with a multiverse present such dire consequences.

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DC Comics Boss Geoff Johns On Reorienting His Multiverse

We met with Geoff Johns, DC Comics's Chief Creative Officer, to discuss 'Rebirth' and the fate of DC

DC Comics

The Gutter

Loki is changing the MCU in one unexpected way

Attack of the variants!


DC just revealed its secret weapon to compete against Marvel, and maybe win

Marvel may have beat DC to the multiverse punch, but the multiverse runs deep in DC history. Here's why the franchise will finally stand apart from the MCU.

Warner Bros. Television

Reel Science

Understand ‘Loki’ time travel through the real science of branching universes

The Disney+ show almost gets it right.



Explaining How Marvel's Multiverse Works in 'Doctor Strange'

'Doctor Strange' is only the beginning in the march towards 'Infinity War.'

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MultiVersus could be the first Smash clone to truly challenge the throne

Everything’s better with friends.

Fan Theory

Doctor Strange 2 theory may reveal details about MCU's Fantastic Four

According to a fan, Scarlet Witch wouldn’t have stood a chance against these two characters.


Exclusive: 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' comic opens up the multiverse

Inverse is proud to exclusively share Lizzy Stewart’s comic “The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III,” from A24’s official companion book to Daniels’ hit film.


Every cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness explained

Some faces you'll recognize. Some you probably won’t. Here’s how to identify them all.

Strange histories

Science and superheroes invented the multiverse by mistake — they’re still fighting over it today

As Doctor Strange and The Flash enter the multiverse, scientists question what it means for the future.


How Everything Everywhere All at Once wields science fiction in a new, empowering way

Michelle Yeoh’s sci-fi epic uses the multiverse to explore the desires and dreams of Chinese Americans.

Strange Days

'Doctor Strange 2' leak could be bad news for X-Men fans

A potential leak seems to imply that Professor X is not portrayed favorably in 'Doctor Strange 2.' Should X-Men fans be worried?

Holy Multiverse, Batman!

DCEU leak reveals the shocking way Ben Affleck’s Batman could return after The Flash

Battfleck’s reign may continue after The Flash if the DCEU strategically dives into its multiverse potential.

Dude, where's my crescent?

Midnight Man: Everything we know about Gaspard Ulliel's 'Moon Knight' role

Dude, where's my crescent?

Who is Layla El-Faouly? 'Moon Knight' may be setting up a massive X-Men event

Dude, Where's My Crescent?

'Moon Knight' theory reveals a shocking 'Doctor Strange 2' connection

'Moon Knight' doesn't have any obvious connections to the rest of the MCU, but one subtle clue could reveal how it sets up Marvel's biggest movie of 2022.

The Inverse Interview

How the ‘Everything Everywhere’ directors explore the multiverse in ways Marvel cannot

The filmmaking duo Daniels evolve in their exploration of the multiverse with Hong Kong icon Michelle Yeoh in 'Everything Everywhere All at Once.'


You need to stream the best sci-fi movie on Netflix that explains Marvel's multiverse

Before Marvel and DC, there was Jet Li. In 2001, The One pitted the Hong Kong star against himself in a sci-fi romp with nu metal bangers.

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Superior Iron Man: How Tony Stark could return in 'Multiverse of Madness'

What are the the odds Iron Man returns...superior?


Rick and Morty Season 5 Hulu release date revealed! What about HBO Max?

Hulu subscribers rejoice, but HBO Max fans might be Rickety-Rickety-Wrecked when it comes to streaming Rick and Morty Season 5.

Spidey Sense

Did Spider-Man: No Way Home just reverse the worst Marvel death?

The redemption of Electro seems to suggest an alternate outcome for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.