X-Men ‘97 Directors Want to Make an Animated Movie — And It Sounds Amazing

An X-Men ‘97 feature film could be “Spider-Verse” meets “Akira.”

X-Menn 97

When it comes to X-Men ‘97, ever episode feels like a movie. The show’s hand-drawn animation, epic action, and campy melodrama all combine to make each 30-minute installment feel as epic as your favorite Avengers movie. But imagine what the team between X-Men ‘97 could do with an animated X-Men movie...

That’s the question Inverse posed to X-Men ‘97 directors Chase Conley, Emi Yonemura, and Jake Castorena in a recent interview, and the answers have us hoping that Disney seriously considers the idea.

“To kind of do what Spider-Verse and the recent animated Turtles movie did.”

“First off, it would be a slam dunk,” ” Conley tells Inverse. “I think that would absolutely be something the audience would want to see, and we would want to be a part of.”

Conley adds that while the episodic format established by the original X-Men: The Animated series allows them to power through “a lot of adapted comic runs,” a movie-sized budget would give the team a chance to “do as much as we can and spend a lot of time massaging each shot.”

“With animation, the more time and money we get, the better it will be,” he says. “That's just a fact.”

X-Men ‘97 already has action and romance.


Emi Yonemura takes things once step further, arguing that an X-Men ‘97 movie could rival some of the best animated films in history.

“It feels like we're already making movie-level animation and events,” Yonemura says. “But just to have that budget and time then to make it a full feature, and to kind of do what Spider-Verse and the recent animated Turtles movie did...”

“Seven seasons and a movie.”

At this point, Yonemura trails off as we all took a second to imagine what an X-Men ‘97 movie in the vein of Spider-Verse might look like.

“One of our influences was ‘80s and ‘90s Japanese animation,” she eventually continues. “Akira. Ghost in the Shell. Those levels. It's like: Hey, you want to give us the money and budget to do that for you? But for X-Men ‘97? Gladly.”

Episode 3, “Fire Made Flesh,” was a great example of how much X-Men ‘97 is capable of even on the small screen.


Speaking of money, head director Jake Castorena confirms that the team would be more than happy to make a movie for one very obvious reason.

“Oh, I love job security,” Castorena says. “I think myself and the entire team would love to keep doing this. Seven seasons and a movie. Let's go!”

Ultimately, it’s up to to the studio to decide, but if X-Men ‘97 fans push for a feature film, Castorena thinks that might be enough to make it a reality.

“If the love and the demand is there from the fandom, and Marvel wants to let us do it, it'd be great to bring these X-Men, these characters, this style, and this work to the silver screen.”

X-Men ‘97 is streaming now on Disney+.

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