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Ms. Marvel is a radiant blast of pure, unbridled joy

Iman Vellani is an overnight star as Kamala Khan, a head-in-the-clouds teen hero, in the MCU’s best streaming series yet.

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Ms. Marvel Episode 5 will finally fix the MCU’s most worn out trope

It’s all in the family.


Who is Red Dagger? Meet Ms. Marvel's first real sidekick (and first kiss)

The Red Dagger has entered the MCU. But how will it complicate Kamala’s personal life?


Ms. Marvel Episode 4 still can’t fix the MCU’s most annoying problem

This might be the best Marvel show yet, but it still suffers in one familiar way.


Ms. Marvel's Ant-Man clues could reveal a shocking superpower twist

Ms. Marvel regularly references Ant-Man in dialogue, in merch, in doodles, and in public art. Could that be a sign of shrinking abilities to come?


Ms. Marvel's many love interests reveal an important MCU first

Which boy will win her heart?


Who are the Clandestines? Ms. Marvel's new supervillain group, explained

The basics behind The Clandestine, aka Clan Destine.


Ms. Marvel Episode 3 easter egg confirms a huge Shang-Chi fan theory

If you guessed a connection between the newest weapons in the MCU, congratulations.


Ms. Marvel is secretly fixing a huge MCU blind spot

No villain? No problem.


Ms. Marvel Episode 3 release date, time, cast, trailer, and schedule for the Disney Plus show

Kamala Khan explores the source of her powers, and sparks fly with a new student.


Ms. Marvel Episode 2 reveals a tragic backstory — the comics go even deeper

Episode 2 of the Marvel series touches on the traumatic partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947.


Ms. Marvel is already the MCU's best Disney+ show for one glorious reason

Ms. Marvel works as both a superhero TV show and a coming-of-age story.


Marvel finally explains Avengers: Endgame's biggest unsolved mystery

It all makes sense now.


Ms. Marvel just subtly set up a massive MCU Inhumans twist

'Ms. Marvel' has just made it clear who's responsible for Kamala Khan's powers. Here's how Episode 2 of the Disney+ series opens the door for Iman Vellani's Kamala to be an Inhuman in the MCU.


Ms. Marvel Episode 2 ending explained: Is [SPOILERS] a secret supervillain?

Kamala Khan has two complicated love interests in her Marvel comics run.


Ms. Marvel Episode 2 release date, time, plot, cast, trailer, and schedule for the Disney Plus series

How will the world’s biggest Avengers nerd deal with having her own superpowers?

Great Scott!

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 secretly fixed a huge Avengers: Endgame plot hole

Which Avenger is most in touch with the fans?