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Virgin Hyperloop: first two passengers ride in historic test

Virgin Hyperloop has leapt ahead of Tesla and other competitors in a historic first.

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Shot of optimism — Pfizer coronavirus vaccine: 2 reasons it's good news for other vaccines

Pfizer — one of the many companies working towards a coronavirus vaccine — announced Monday its early coronavirus vaccine results. Per a press release, it appears to be 90 percent effective in preventing infection. The news suggests a potential pivot toward the positive in the fight against coronavirus.

Kathrin Jansen, a senior vice president and the head of vaccine research and development at Pfizer, called the release of this data "a historic moment."

Here's what independent experts say

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Fatal Attraction — Mongooses and humans share some aggressive leadership tactics

When two opposing mongoose "armies" decide to face off, the ensuing brawl rivals a human battle. Often, blood is shed as the winning pack isolates and converges on the lone male mongoose that dared to take a stand.

But under the cover of battle, a female mongoose slips off, eager to find a mate to diversify her offspring's genes and increase the likelihood of survival in this cruel world.

Welcome to the aggressive realities of life and love among banded mongooses.

According to a study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, this collective violence is incredibly common among banded mongooses. And, perhaps surprisingly, it's the female leaders — not the males — that drive this behavior.

Mongooses and humans share some aggressive leadership tactics

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T-TOL — Tesla electric VTOL: Elon Musk teases the electric jet

Tesla could "maybe one day" create an electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing craft – but don't expect it any time soon.

On Sunday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded via Twitter to a fan question about whether his electric car company will enter the aviation space with a "VTOL" vehicle. While it would be a radical shift in the company's efforts, Musk has hinted at plans for a VTOL before.

His latest comments suggest it's not entirely out of the question, but it's also not a priority.

Here's what Elon Musk had to say about an electric jet

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Back to you — How to get your diet back on track, according to science

The election drove us all a bit crazy. And with stress often comes stressful eating, which often means comfort foods. If you're like the folks at Inverse dot com, comfort food can mean pizza, burgers, ice cream, and all sorts of food that might not be the best to turn into trends. The ramifications will be with us for years, but here are some helpful tips to at least leave the eating tips of 2020 in the past.

How to get your diet back on track, according to science →

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Hyperdrive — Virgin Hyperloop: first two passengers ride in historic test

Virgin Hyperloop has made history.

On Sunday, November 8, the company sent two passengers on a short trip through its DevLoop test tube in the Nevada desert. Josh Giegel, co-founder and chief technology officer, was joined by Sara Luchian, director of passenger experience. Together, they are the first people to have ever publicly traveled on a hyperloop.

So, what's it like?

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