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Covid-19 vaccine booster shot common questions and answers

Covid-19 vaccine booster shot: Schedule, side-effects, concerns, and effectiveness

Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 booster shots are set to be released to the U.S. public. Here's everything you need to know.

Mind and Body
Despite many conspiracy theories, we do know what ingredients are in each of the Covid-19 vaccines

What’s in Covid-19 vaccines? Hint: no microchips

A simple breakdown of every ingredient in the Covid-19 vaccines.

Mask up
Passengers on train wear Covid-19 masks

This psychological trick could get people to follow Covid-19 rules

“The advocacy-mindfulness combination is so powerful because it makes people think about their own behavior.”

Third dose?

Covid-19 booster shots: 9 questions and science-backed answers

Your questions about the third dose, answered.

Sunday Scaries

Coronavirus vaccines found to cause an overlooked, positive outcome

New results reveal an unintended consequence of vaccine rollout.


Swollen balls and impotency: Fact-checking Covid-19 vaccine claims

There’s no evidence “that any of the Covid-19 vaccines available in the U.S. negatively impact male fertility.”

Mind and Body
Gardening  Gardener Girl Relaxed Lying  Green Grass, Surrounded Gardening Tools With Plants Workplac...

Five reasons why gardening is great for your health

Get out there and garden.

Astrovirus particles, illustration. Astroviruses are small viruses, about 28 nanometres in diameter,...

Antibody-resistant Covid-19: How it works

Here’s how antibodies stop spike proteins from unlocking your cells.

Sunday Scaries

Four mental health strategies learned during Covid-19

This long pandemic has ignited cascading effects.

winter is coming
man and woman on the grass cuddling

6 lessons from a weird, horny summer to stay safe during Delta winter

illustration of the novel coronavirus

How worried should you be about Lambda? 7 critical facts about the variant

Researchers don't yet have all the answers, but they do know how to best protect yourself from infection.

spit take
Mutating virus concept and new coronavirus b.1.1.7 variant outbreak or covid-19 viral cell mutation ...

Spit take: a cheap new at-home Covid-19 test wants your saliva

A new detection device will keep a watchful eye on Covid-19 variants for as little as $3.