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Born to run

Running & Covid-19: A scientific guide to the best masks to wear

Stay safe out there.


Covid-19 could pose a “global threat” to male fertility — study

Emerging evidence suggests "the possibility of testicular damage due to Covid-19."


The case for a national Covid-19 Memorial Day

We have a tendency to forget how bad pandemics can be.

Sunday Scaries

2 mental health practices may give the Covid-19 vaccine a boost

Researchers say poor mental health can influence the body’s immunological response.

Words of wisdom

The experts' guide on how to endure until the pandemic ends: 4 tips

Keep on keeping on.

Inverse Recommends

You need to watch the most underrated apocalyptic anime on HBO MAX ASAP

This Studio Ghibli masterpiece offers a fresh perspective on science today.

climate crisis

NASA data reveals the truth about Covid-19's effect on climate change

"This is the warmest decade in the historical record without any question whatsoever."

semantic simulations

To predict Covid-19 mutations, scientists discover one fifth-grade tactic is surprisingly useful

And no, it's not wedgies or shame.

A proposal

The Case for a National Covid-19 Memorial Day on May 28


There's a helmet for dentist appointments that blocks 99.6% of Covid-19 air droplets


Gut microbiome imbalances influence the likelihood of 'long-Covid'


“Long Covid”: Who exactly is at risk?

An epidemiologist explains what to know so far.