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in the heights movie still

In the Heights has a surprising message about Covid-19


Particles from deep space could be used to fight Covid-19

Cosmic rays could make for amazing medical diagnostics.

sick, coronavirus

How the common cold can prevent Covid-19 infection

The common cold could prime your immune system for a Covid-19 battle.

Hot Vax Summer

What to do if your Covid-19 vaccine plan goes wrong

Missed the window for your second shot? Forgot your card? We got you.

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Mucor mould, also known as black fungus, computer illustration. Mucor sp. fungi are found in soil and decaying organic matter and are common indoor moulds. It can cause the rare but serious disease mucormycosis (zygomycosis) in patients that are immunocompromised or undergoing steroid therapy. The fungus can infect the lungs, sinuses, brain, gastrointestinal system, or the skin. In 2021 outbreaks of mucormycosis were seen in diabetic patients with Covid-19. Treatment is with antifungal drugs, although surgery is often needed to cut away the infected tissue.

Covid-19 long-haulers: despite vaccinations, long Covid still lingers

While symptoms clear up for many in a couple of weeks. For others, the symptoms can linger long after the infection passes.

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Relax, humans! I’m not going to start the next pandemic.

A new coronavirus is spreading through dogs and humans

Scientists have found a new canine coronavirus in a handful of people hospitalized with pneumonia.

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These 4 habits are the key to a better post-pandemic life

As we approach the post-pandemic world, we need new ways to adjust to a new world

The Inverse Review

Sweet Tooth is a pandemic post-apocalypse literally nobody asked for

Even if it wasn’t coming way too soon, Netflix’s new sci-fi series would still be a dud.

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How to deal with your post-pandemic anxiety, according to experts

The CDC changed its guidance on masks before some became ready to change.

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Aerosol transmission: 4 reasons why we’re not ready to fight future outbreaks

Planet Mars in the starry sky. Red planet in space

The wild story behind one man’s fight to prove there is life on Mars

Plus: How five lines of code could revolutionize artificial intelligence.

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Your post-vaccination Covid-19 dreams aren't just in your head

An expert explains why people are having weird dreams after getting their shot.