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Covid-19 vaccines could unlock treatments for 5 other deadly diseases

Soon, scientists could have a vaccine for cancer. But really.


An unlikely combination of drugs may work together to fight Covid-19

This study confirms Prozac may help treat Covid-19 in concert with remdesivir — and brings a surprising new candidate to the table.


Covid-19 and CBD: Why scientists are excited about the possibilities

We still need better treatments for cytokine storms.

One Year Later

The evolutionary reason all your friends made babies during the pandemic


Vaccine passports are our inevitable future

Vaccine passports are already here.

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13 Covid-19 vaccine facts every millennial needs to know ASAP

You have questions, and we have answers.


How effective is the first shot of the Covid-19 vaccine?

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Does eating meat cause pandemics?

A controversial tweet revived the debate.

Nature Nightmare

Why peanut butter could trigger the next pandemic

There’s a deadly link between pandemics, forests, and peanut butter.

One Year Later

Soy boys: How tofu conquered America during a global pandemic

One Year Later

How has streaming changed in the pandemic? 3,300 Inverse readers reveal 6 big trends

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Covid-19 and hearing loss: A new study explores an auditory mystery

Another sense is also attacked by the coronavirus.