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Trendy Beauty concept with Facial Serum, Natural Essential Oil, Hand cream, Lip balm and Perfume in ...

Scientists discover CBD — and not THC — may hamper Covid-19 infection in cells

“CBD acts early in the infection cycle, in a post entry step.”

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PCR vs. rapid tests: The U.K. is taking a bold new approach to Covid-19

Here’s what you need to know.


One cellular fighter might be the key to thwarting Covid-19

They’re T-riffic.

Illustration of a medicine bottle that casts a shadow of a marijuana leaf on a pink background with ...

Can weed cure Covid-19? No, but two cannabinoids hint at a possible treatment

The results are interesting, to say the least.

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How deadly is omicron? What U.K. and South Africa Covid-19 data reveals

The disease is spreading.

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Covid vaccine

3 ways to fix one of the UK’s biggest Covid-19 vaccine problems

Vaccines remain a central defense against Covid.

Don't Panic
Flurona is not a thing

Stop trying to make "flurona" happen

It's never going to happen.

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American actor, comedian and singer Harold 'Hal' Peary (1908-  1985) with his son Harold (later Page...

How much sitting is too much? It's not as bad as you think

Not all types of sitting are equally bad for you.

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post apocalypse scene showing the man standing in ruined city and looking at mysterious circle on th...

The best post-apocalypse show on HBO Max reveals a strange societal truth

This new series skips past the wreckage to focus on how we can rebuild together.

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The girl does not see the beauty of the world because of her feelings, everything is gray to her.

How did Covid-19 affect kids’ mental health? A dark divide, revealed

Researchers checked 170 studies.

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Virus variant, coronavirus, spike protein. Omicron. Covid-19 seen under the microscope. SARS-CoV-2, ...

Omicron: Why the U.K. needs to jab 25 million in 2 months

What impact the new omicron variant will have is still unknown. The United Kingdom's National Health Service plans to roll out Covid vaccine boosters to fight the spread.

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Art Nouveau is an international style of art, architecture, and applied art, especially the decorati...

Will there ever be a post-pandemic? Why the answer is out of reach

The majority thought normality would return within six months.

Over the past two years, science has taught us a lot about the novel coronavirus.

Nine immutable truths about Covid-19, two years later

Variants like Omicron can make us feel like we’re dealing with a new virus. We’re not.

This week in science

NASA restores Hubble spectrograph and more: Understand the world in 9 images

There's still a lot we don't know about the omicron variant of the novel coronavirus

Why are scientists worried about omicron? 5 vital facts about the variant

There’s a lot we don’t know.

Gut Week
Coronavirus covid-19 Delta variant. B.1.617.2 mutation virus cell 3D medical illustration background...

Gut health could prevent one of the most worrying Covid-19 side effects

“Maintaining a healthy microbiome through healthy diet would definitely benefit in fighting against Covid-19.”