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Why the most confusing part about Covid-19 may soon have a clearer answer

A thousand Inverse readers have pegged one question their biggest.

Fauci Dispatch

3 Fauci quotes to guide how to live during the fall coronavirus surge

Dr. Fauci on Thanksgiving, voting, and why we should focus on public health rather than lockdowns.


What medieval plague spread can teach us about pandemic acceleration

The Black Death was just the start.

Level up

How humanity can fight Covid and climate change together

The coronavirus pandemic has brought humans' impact on their world into sharp focus.

Inverse Review

Borat 2 is the first great movie of the coronavirus era

It's nice!

trick or treat

Scientists reveal the biggest mistake you can make this Halloween

Here's how to have a sanitary spook season.


Meet the young people who may never smell again because of Covid-19

Climate crisis

Covid-19: How to choose the best (and safest) face mask for the planet

Once the pandemic is over, the environmental legacy could last for centuries.

Viral information

Will Covid-19 become endemic? What that means for the future

Scientists have a pretty good idea of what will happen next.

True Blood

Does your blood type impact risk of Covid-19? Scientists have early answers

"Some interesting biology is at work."

Fauci Dispatch

Three Fauci quotes reveal how politics intersect with the pandemic

This week, Fauci talks a controversial campaign ad, Trump's positive coronavirus case, and the fall surge.

Second Time Around

What the first US case of Covid-19 reinfection means for future vaccines

You can get coronavirus twice — scientists explain why.