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VinFast is the latest automaker to get into electric bicycles

VinFast’s four e-bikes may just be concepts for now, but seeing the prototypes at CES 2023 gives us a little more hope.

VinFast e-bikes
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We can add VinFast to the list of car makers dipping into electric bicycles. The Vietnamese automaker debuted four e-bike concepts at CES 2023, along with its four fully-electric SUV models.

Just like how VinFast’s SUV models cover the most popular demographics, its e-bikes were designed with four popular purposes in mind. This may be the first time the automaker is getting into e-bikes, but VinFast already manufactures other electric transportation options, like e-scooters, electric buses, and of course, its EVs.

Each of VinFast’s e-bikes were designed with a purpose in mind.

VinFast / Twitter

Four solid designs — VinFast showed off four e-bike designs at CES 2023 and it’s clear the automaker did some research to figure out which models would be successful. The four models on display were all geared for specific purposes, including a hybrid commuter, a mountain bike, a mini e-bike, and a folding e-bike. Even though these prototypes look close to a production model, VinFast didn’t have any specs or potential release dates on these e-bikes.

On its website, VinFast details only three models including the foldable option, a long-saddle design meant for getting around the city, and a sport version designed for performance. The website also lets you customize its e-bikes with 10 colorways.

The e-bike colors range from bright green to camo and black.


If you’ve been paying attention to electric mobility, you’ll know that VinFast isn’t the only automaker trying to get into e-bikes. Polestar recently confirmed that it would build its own electric bike with the help of another company, Allebike. Prior to that, Polestar worked with Cake to release a limited-edition version of an electric moped. We can see a similar approach to VinFast from BMW, which previously showed off its Motorrad Definition CE 04 electric moped concept a couple of years ago.

It’s hard to say if VinFast, and other automakers’ e-bike concepts, will gain any traction. However, it does seem like a better call to go with a more recognized name brand than the dozens of e-bike offerings being done through Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Concept or coming soon? — Unfortunately, VinFast was pretty sparse about details on its four e-bikes. Outside the obvious design of each of its e-bikes, we don’t know crucial details like range, charge times, and top speeds. Still, the models previewed at CES 2023 looked fairly polished, so we may see some VinFast e-bikes out there soon enough.

While the e-bikes look good, we’re hoping to see some specs soon.

VinFast / Twitter

VinFast does already have some experience making electric mobility vehicles outside of EVs. The automaker has a full lineup of electric mopeds ranging from the affordable Ludo to the more high-end Theon S. Still, these mopeds aren’t quite like the e-bikes that VinFast debuted.

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