C3strom’s Astro looks like a motorcycle but rides like an electric bike

The company's first two models are e-bikes with a more serious moto design and can top out at 32 mph.

This is about as close as you can get to riding a motorcycle without all the danger of actually riding a motorcycle. A newcomer to the e-bike industry, C3strom, is introducing itself with two e-bike models that can hit 32 mph when kicked into its off-road mode.


At first glance, the C3strom’s Astro and the Astro Pro models resemble electric motorcycles; it’s only when you notice the subtle hints, like its pedals, that you start to see these are actually e-bikes. Both the Astros really lean into that stereotypical badass moto design, but with a much more reasonable top speed of 32 mph.

C3strom definitely isn’t the first to adopt this motorcycle aesthetic for its e-bikes, as we have a couple of examples on the market already. For instance, you probably wouldn’t notice that the Onyx RCR zipping by you at 55 mph was actually an e-bike. Super73 even amped up this e-bike motorcycle hybrid trend with its C1X concept that can hit 75 mph.

All-terrain action — On a much more modest level, the C3strom Astros have a 750W motor that offers a top speed of 28 mph regularly, with the option to go faster when off-roading. To counteract all that speed, the e-bikes have four-piston hydraulic disc brakes.

For the base Astro model, C3strom included a 780Wh battery that should give you a range of 50 miles, but the Astro Pro has a 1,040Wh battery for a 78-mile range. Both of the batteries were built into the aluminum frame and are expected to take four to five hours to fully charge.

When you do push the Astro to its real top speed, the 20-inch tires should be able to hang with its off-roading capabilities and puncture-resistant design. The e-bikes were also designed with a rear rack that can carry 33 pounds or be outfitted with a custom bag and backup battery.


Affordable alternative — C3strom is planning to launch its two Astro e-bikes through Indiegogo soon in black and gray colorways. All the usual disclaimers about making sure of all the risks involved apply here as well, particularly because these are C3strom’s first e-bikes. It’s not exactly surprising that a company we’ve never heard of is entering the e-bike market, considering the explosive growth the industry has seen recently.

But it’s worth noting that C3strom is hitting a much more affordable pricepoint for its motorcycle-esque e-bikes. The Astro base model starts at $2,499 and the Astro Pro starts at $2,699. The company is also planning to offer early bird discounts of $800.