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Everything you need to know about Temtem's launch on PS5

A next-gen port for the online Pokémon clone is on the way.

What if Pokémon was a massively multiplayer online experience? And instead of generic enemy trainers who foolishly use all of one monster type, the world was instead populated by real trainers who put through into their teams?

Appealing to the crowd frustrated by the latest Pokémon games, Temtem from Crema and Humble Games offers a compelling Pokémon alternative that splits the difference between Pokémon and World of Warcraft. While it's been on early access on PC for some time, it's coming to PlayStation 5 soon.

If you're looking for a Pokémon-like game to play on your next-gen system or just want to try something similar to Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra after beating it, this is everything you need to know about the early access version of Temtem on PS5.

When is the Temtem PS5 release date?

As we mentioned, Temtem was released in early access on Steam earlier this year. The first-ever console version will be released for PS5 on December 8, 2020. While it misses out on being a launch title for PS5 and is launching just a couple of days before Cyberpunk 2077, it's still one of the more notable RPG exclusives early in the console's lifespan.

Temtem is also expected to come to more platforms in 2021.

Is there a trailer for Temtem on PS5?

Yes! While many trailers for Temtem have been released in the past, a brand new one was released on October 28 to reveal the launch date for the game's PS5 port.

Check it out:

While the trailer is under a minute, it still is able to show quite a bit of gameplay, both in and out of battle. After watching it, you should be able to see why the game is often compared to Pokémon. The influence is clear in both style and gameplay.

Is Temtem a PS5 exclusive?

No, but it will the only console that the game is available on for some time.

A PC version is already available on Steam, and the only console to get access to the game while it's still in early access is the PS5. There will be crossplay between the two platforms, so you can play with friends that already own Temtem on PC. Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X versions are still planned for 2021 once the game is ready for a full launch.

How is Temtem different from Pokémon?

On the surface, Temtem and Pokémon have quite a lot in common. They're both turn-based, creature-collection RPGs. And the designs of the game's Tems definitely resemble those from Pokémon, Digimon, and other franchises of that ilk. This game is not affiliated with Pokémon at all, however, so all of the creatures, types, and moves are unique.

The standard Temtem battle is also 2v2 instead of 1v1, and moves pull from a stamina bar instead of a set number of PP. Overall, the developers tried to focus more on competitive play than the typically casual Pokémon experience. That aspect of the game benefits from Temtem also being an MMO.

Why is Temtem an MMO?

Imagine if the Wild Areas from Pokémon Sword and Shield were more fleshed-out and every area in the game played like them. That's the higher level of multiplayer interaction that Temtem is going for. As such, Temtem fully supports co-op, and you'll see tons of players venturing around the game's world as you progress.

You can battle, trade, chat, and fight over Club Dojos with other players. The live-service nature of Temtem also means that the game is constantly updated and that there are new quests that players can complete weekly.

Temtem is very multiplayer orientedHumble Games

What does being in early access mean for Temtem?

When it comes out on PS5, Temtem will still be in early access. If you've never heard that term before, it means that the game isn't complete yet, but the developers are players pay for access to the game, play what's there, and give feedback to the developers. As such, it will be a bit rougher around the edges and may include some bugs.

Right now, Temtem only has four islands for players to explore, but six are intended for the full game. There are 100 Tems for players to collect in the early access version of Temtem, and the developers estimate that it has about 30 hours worth of gameplay on PlayStation Blog. Over time, the developers are also promising to finish the game's story, add more Tems for the player to find, and flesh out the multiplayer and endgame features.

What is Temtem's price?

The price of Temtem will actually increase over time.

On December 8, the game will cost $39.99 on PS5, with a $59.99 deluxe edition. Once Temtem launches in 2021 with more content added, that price will rise to $44.99 for the standard edition and $64.99 for the Deluxe Edition. Currently, the standard and deluxe editions of the game can be pre-ordered for $37.49 and $57.49, respectively.

Temtem will be released for PS5 on December 8, 2020.

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