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Everything we know about the rumored Silent Hill reboot

Pyramid Head needs new chains.

Silent Hill has been eerily quiet for years. Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima almost took over the influential horror franchise in 2014, but Konami canceled the much-hyped sequel Silent Hills (immortalized by the now legendary P.T. demo) after a falling out with the visionary game director. That’s left the future of the franchise in flux for more than seven years, but a new report claims Konami is planning a new Silent Hill soft reboot. But is this just fan fiction, or a credible rumor? Here’s everything we know about the Silent Hill reboot.

When might the Silent Hill reboot be released?

We don’t currently have even an official confirmation that such a project is in development. According to Video Games Chronicle, Konami plans to show multiple Silent Hill projects at trade shows like E3 next year. Konami allegedly intended to share information during E3 2021, but development roadblocks scuppered those plans.

This may have been corroborated by longtime series composer Akira Yamaoka. In a February 2021 YouTube interview, Yamaoka teased that a new project would be announced in Summer 2021. He described the project as “I think it’s the one you’re hoping to hear about,” though he did not mention Silent Hill by name.

An unknown party requested for the interview to be removed shortly after. A source at Konami told VGC the company was not behind the request.

If the team behind the new and improved Silent Hill was planning its comeback announcement for Summer 2021, perhaps the reboot isn’t far off. We could see a new Silent Hill game as early as 2022 or 2023.

The 2014 trailer for Silent Hills, which played at the end of the game’s P.T. demo.

Is there a trailer for the Silent Hill reboot?

Konami hasn’t released a trailer for the Silent Hill reboot yet, since the company hasn’t officially announced the game. However, we wouldn’t expect a lavish reveal right off the bat if and when it does happen — our first look at the reboot will likely be an atmospheric teaser and maybe a logo, with little actual gameplay.

Cheryl Mason.Behaviour Interactive

What’s the Silent Hill reboot story?

We don’t know the exact details of the story yet. According to a report by the leaker Dusk Golem in 2020, the project is a “soft reboot” that will retain many elements of the original. Presumably, this will allow both longtime fans and new HillHeads to enjoy the game.

Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 performed a similar hat trick by introducing protagonist Ethan Winters, while continuing to narratively involve a few longtime cast members like Chris Redfield.

Maybe Silent Hill’s reboot will focus on similarly iconic characters. In 2020, Dead By Daylight added Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason as playable characters, suggesting that they’re the series most recognizable characters and strong candidates for a potential reboot.

Key art from The Medium.Bloober Team

Who is the Silent Hill reboot developer?

While nothing is confirmed at this stage, Silent Hill reboot rumors have centered around two primary developers for the game, with franchise rightsholder Konami acting as publisher.

On October 1, Gematsu claimed Hideo Kojima’s Kojima Productions was behind an upcoming Silent Hill game with funding from Sony. This claim was disputed by Sony leaker Millie A and leaker Shepshal_Nick.

Kojima himself hasn’t commented on the claims, but some eagle-eyed Twitter followers took the game director’s reading choices as a potential clue. In June 2021, Kojima shared that he was reading The Silent Wife by Karen Slaughter and Full Throttle by Joe Hill. At this point, the connection is tenuous at best, and the bad blood between Kojima and Konami has been well documented.

Bloober Team, who developed The Medium, has also been rumored to be a potential Silent Hill developer. This claim had a bit more substantial evidence. Bloober Team and Konami previously announced a strategic partnership for “joint development” in June 2021. What they’re working on wasn’t made clear in the announcement. It could very easily be a new Silent Hill game. Yamaoka also crafted the score for The Medium, furthering ties between the two.

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