The long-rumored Silent Hill reboot no-shows another PS5 event

Resident Evil Village claimed the survival horror spot on September 16.

Silent Hill's "soft reboot" is still MIA! Despite rumors earlier in 2020 hinting that a Silent Hill game for PlayStation 5 was imminent, we did not hear about the game in the June or September PlayStation 5 showcases.

If this alleged "soft reboot" from Sony Japan Studio and Komani is really, we still don't know anything officially about it. DuskGolem, the leaker behind the initial Silent Hill rumors, tweeted shortly before Wednesday's PS5 Showcase to explain the current status of this supposed game and why we didn't hear about it today.

After giving a rundown of the history of Silent Hill PS5 leaks and rumors on his Twitter feed, DuskGolem delved into what he's learned about the game since his tweets in June. After talking to someone about the leaks in July, DuskGolem learned that "they have heard about the Sony [Silent Hill] game, but it's being kept very secretive with one other project."

Apparently, many people at Sony do know that a horror game is in the works, but many aren't informed about if it's a Silent Hill game and who exactly is working on it. DuskGolem then stated they didn't expect to see the game, and ultimately it did not show up during the PS5 Showcase.

Ultimately, it does still seem very likely that Sony is working on Silent Hill, or at least a horror game that would fill that void, but they are staying very secretive about it and don't want to show it yet. For now, we can only reflect on the history of the series and what we've heard about a PS5 Silent Hill game.

A brief history of Silent Hill PS5 leaks

This rumored PS5 soft reboot would be the first new console Silent Hill game sinnce 2012's negatively received Silent Hill: Downpour. The series did continue after that but had mostly died down outside of pachinko machines since the very public cancellation of Silent Hills from Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima.

While there were some murmurings of a PS5 Silent Hill game last year, this specific project's existence was actually leaked earlier this year. Rumors of Hideo Kojima reviving Silent Hills were false, though DuskGolem did say in the aforementioned Twitter thread that there were discussions between the two that fell through.

DuskGolem initially had heard about Konami's desire to make two new Silent Hill games, and ultimately got some tips that said Sony Japan Studio were making a new Silent Hill with Komani's approval. In May, they shared details about Sony's Silent Hill game.

"In late 2019, a separate close friend in Japan informed me a Silent Hill game was being developed in Japan that had started dev at the start of 2019," they stated on Twitter. They also said that the game was in development for PS5 at Sony Japan studio and featured many of the same team members as the original game, like Director Keiichiro Toyama, Composer Akira Yaomoka, and Artist Masahiro Ito.

DuskGolem also teased that it would be a "soft reboot" for the franchise and was in a playable state in May. As DuskGolem's Resident Evil 8 leaks turned out to be true, they are a reliable source. That said, they don't seem to know when Sony's horror game will actually be shown off.

Even though an official announcement has not been made yet, it's clear that Konami is taking steps to make Silent Hill feel more relevant this year. In June, Silent Hill themed maps and characters were added to the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight. An official Silent Hill twitter account was also seemingly created in July.

Even just this month, Pyramid Head and Nurse character skins appeared in Super Bomberman R Online for Google Stadia. While it seems like these crossovers were preparing fans for an inevitable series revival, it doesn't appear that we will learn more about this game anytime soon. Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off September 23, might be the last exit for news on a reboot this year. Other than that, The Medium for Xbox Series X appears to be horror fans' best bet for a Silent Hill type experience on next-gen this holiday.

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