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The best gifts for every party member in Persona 5 Royal

The real gift was the friends we made along the way.

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Now that Persona 5 Royal is on every console imaginable, including the always accessible Xbox Game Pass, more people than ever are playing the best modern JRPG ever made. With more than 100 hours of gameplay to dive into, the game contains so much to do. That includes taking tests and throwing darts, along with more typical dungeon crawling and battling. However, the main mechanic of Persona 5 is “Confidants,” relationships that need to be fostered between the protagonist and their friends. With so many people and so little time, giving the right gift can make someone like you a lot more. Here are the best gifts to give all of your party members in Persona 5.

What to give Ann Takami


The Lovers confidant is Ann Takami. She is one of the first characters the protagonist meets and becomes Panther as a member of the Phantom Thieves.

The majority of the best gifts for Ann can be bought at the Shibuya Station Underground Mall. The best bang for your buck item to buy is the Custard Cake which gives a +3 boost to your confidant rank. It is easily the cheapest +3 gift at ¥1,500.

What to give Futaba Sakura


The Hermit confidant is Futaba Sakura. She is a shy hacker that becomes the navigator for the Phantom thieves.

The Underground Mall and Akihabara are the best places to go to buy Futaba a gift that she will like. Buying the Local Mascot Set for ¥3,600 will give you the +3 confidant bonus for the cheapest price.

What to give Goro Akechi


The Justice confidant is Goro Akechi. Known as Crow in the Metaverse, he is a detective whose relationship with the protagonist is fleshed out in Persona 5 Royal, with a long and complicated confidant relationship.

Akechi is a man of expensive taste. At the top end of the budget is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner that costs a whopping ¥44,800. For a much more reasonable price tag, buy the All-Purpose Vitamins at Rocinante for ¥4,500 which will still give you the +3 confident boost. Check out our full guide on Akechi’s confidant relationship here.

What to give Haru Okumura


The Empress confidant is Haru Okumura. She is one of the last people to join the party but is a great twist on the Zorro archetype of the swashbuckling swordsman.

Like Ann, you can find most of her gifts in the Underground Mall. For ¥2,400 you can buy the Flower Basket and gift it to Haru for a +3 confidant boost. Taking advantage of this boost is a great way to rank up the Empress confidant quickly since it begins so late into the game.

What to give Kasumi Yoshizawa


The Faith confidant is Kasumi Yoshizawa. A talented gymnast and new member to the Phantom Thieves added in Persona 5 Royal.

The best gift to buy Kasumi is the Mini Cactus which is available for only ¥1,600 in the Underground Mall. It will give you a +3 confidant boost and won’t break the bank.

What to give Makoto Niijima


The Priestess confidant is Majoto Niijima. She is the student council president at Shujin Academy and an unpopular person due to story events in the early game, but she soon joins the Phantom Thieves to support their cause.

Makoto is a fairly easy person to please with gifts. Most are available in the Underground Mall, reasonably priced, and give the +3 confidant boost. The cheapest +3 gift you can get for Makoto is the Motorbike Figure in Otaku Goods Shop which costs ¥4,800.

What to give Ryuji Sakamoto


The Chariot confidant is Ryuji Sakamoto. He is your best bro and a bit of a punk troublemaker, but kind at heart.

Ryuji is maybe the easiest person to shop for in all of Persona 5. For a measly ¥500, you can purchase a Dragon Sword Keychain which will give you the +3 confidant boost.

What to give Yusuke Kitagawa


The Emperor confidant is Yusuke Kitagawa. He is an art student that joins the party after the events that take place in the second palace of Persona 5.

As an art student, Yusuke likes artsy things. The cheapest gift you can buy for Yusuke that will still net you the +3 confidant boost is the Watercolor Postcard that is available in the Kichijoji Stationery Shop for a reasonable ¥800.

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