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What to spend your Gold on in Marvel Snap — and what to avoid

How to earn Gold and how to spend it efficiently.

Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap has done an incredible job of sinking its hooks into its player-base, offering compelling gameplay and plenty of reasons to check in each day. As with many live-service games, Marvel Snap features a currency — called Gold — that can be purchased with real money or earned for free by playing. Of course, with so many different options, you might be confused when deciding just how to spend Gold in-game. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Gold, and how to spend it effectively in Marvel Snap.

How to get Gold in Marvel Snap

There are a few ways to earn Gold in Marvel Snap.

One way is to complete challenges (aka, Missions), which refresh a few times per day. There are daily and weekly Missions available, each offering various amounts of Credits and Gold as rewards. Be sure to look at the Missions page to see which objectives are available. Every time you complete five Missions, you’ll earn a couple of rewards, including Gold (this caps at 25 Missions per week).

Gold is a form of currency in Marvel Snap, and you’ll need it to get your hands on certain items.


Another way to earn Gold is to level up your Season Pass. Check the list of Season Pass rewards to see which tiers offer Gold. Keep in mind, you’ll have more opportunities to earn Gold after you’ve reached Season Pass level 50. This gives you access to Season Caches, which have a chance of giving you Gold.

You can also earn Gold by leveling up your seasonal rank. Currently, you’ll get 500 Gold for reaching Galactic rank 90.

Once you start unlocking Collection Caches as part of your Collection Level, you’ll also get a chance to earn Gold as a random reward (similar to Season Caches).

As expected, you can buy Gold using real money from the Shop page, but doing so isn’t necessary, as there are plenty of ways to earn it for free.

What to spend Gold on in Marvel Snap

There are several ways to spend Gold in Marvel Snap.


There are numerous ways to spend Gold in Marvel Snap.

If you visit the Shop, you’ll see card Variants that can be purchased with Gold, which feature a rotation of random cards each day — each with different art. These are pretty pricey, so unless you’ve got an excess of Gold, we recommend saving it for other, more useful items.

You can also buy Credits with Gold from the Shop page, seemingly allowing you to upgrade your Collection Level much faster.

Finally, you’re able to refill your daily Missions using 120 Gold, as well. This can be done up to six times in one day.

Best way to spend Gold in Marvel Snap

Unless you’re super attached to a particular card Variant, we recommend saving your Gold for other items, instead. The best way to spend Gold is to purchase daily Mission refills. This way, you can maximize the amount of Gold, Season Pass XP, and Credits you earn each day (especially Credits, since they’re an important type of currency).

It may be tempting to spend your Gold on more Credits from the Shop, but it’s a bit of a waste in the long term when compared to refilling your Missions. Completing Missions not only rewards you with Credits, but also gives you Season Pass XP, and indirectly gives you Gold, making it more efficient. When buying Credits, that’s all you get, so your Gold doesn’t go as far.

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