GTA 6 insider hints at a disappointing release date timeline

“I'd be shocked if we had it in our hands before 2025.”

A new Grand Theft Auto VI release date rumor is bound to disappoint plenty of gamers out there.

Rockstar Games has still yet to technically announced the next GTA, so it’s still shrouded in mystery. When will GTA 6 finally arrive? Earlier this month, there was hope that the game wasn’t too far away when a leaker claimed that GTA 6 will be released in late 2023.

Now, another insider is contradicting that claim to say that Rockstar’s next title is further out than that. Which one is true? We don’t know just yet.

What happened? When Rockstar listed job postings for game testers, many fans thought that was a sign that the game was nearing the end of development. On May 3, insider @Okami13_ tweeted about what he believes the game’s release window is.

“Hate to break it to y'all but GTA 6 is at least 4-5 years away,” @Okami13_ said. “I'd be shocked if we had it in our hands before 2025.” If Okami13_ is accurate, then we might not be playing GTA 6 until 2025. This would be 7 years after Red Dead Redemption 2 and 12 years after GTA V.

What does this contradict? This does all contradict a comment from leaker ViewerAnon, who said on May 2 that “last year Rockstar internally had GTA VI set for a late 2023 release.” That is a significantly earlier release window than what Okami13_ is suggesting.

While ViewerAnon appears to have sources aware of Rockstar’s internal plans that told him about the window, Okami13_ doesn’t specify anything like that in their tweet. We reached out to them for clarification, and @Okami13_ confirmed that they did get this release window from a source with knowledge about GTA 6’s intended release window.

As such, it’s now a matter of which source turns out to be right.

The Inverse Analysis — As Rockstar Games has not officially shared any details about GTA 6 publicly just yet, it’s hard to know which one of these insiders is actually right. 2023 does seem like a plausible release year as it matches the 5-year gap between GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 6 reportedly has a more limited scope.

That said, every new game from Rockstar is wildly ambitious and typically gets delayed multiple times. The Covid-19 pandemic has probably had a noticeable impact on its development as well. As such, we might not get it until 2025.

As is usually the case with all GTA 6 leaks and rumors, we won't know if this report is true or not until Rockstar finally decides to talk about GTA 6, and they might not do so anytime soon.

GTA 6 is currently in development.

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