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GTA 6 map leak hints at an exciting "Project Americas" evolution

Is this leaked map real?

The Grand Theft Auto 6 rumor train never stops.

Whether it's an announcement, release date, or game content rumor, there’s always something new to intrigue GTA fans hungry for new information about GTA 6. That latest rumor making the rounds is a detailed map leak that shows one of the areas that players would theoretically explore in the next Grand Theft Auto game. It could very well be Vice City from the rampant Project Americas rumors positing that the game will take place in several cities across Latin America.

What happened? Earlier in May, a new GTA 6 map leak emerged on 4chan and quickly made its way to Imgur and Reddit. The map appears to build on a previous leak and shows an entire island. The map is certainly reminiscent of GTA V’s Los Santos in scale and setup. There are three towns showcased in the blurry image on the northwest, northeast, and southeast ends of the map.

These are connected by a series of roads or highways with other small towns, rivers, and forests scattered throughout. Check it out for yourself below:

There’s no large landmark to confirm what it is, though we can say for sure that it isn’t GTA 4’s Liberty City or GTA 5’s Los Santos. Currently, this map is believed to be an expanded version of Vice City, theorized to be the main setting, or at least one of the maps, in GTA 6. In general, this map seems smaller than Los Santos, which could imply that the game might be comprised of several smaller maps connected in some fashion.

If the long-rumored Project Americas leak is accurate, then this map leak could back it up. This map shows that GTA 6 could give Vice City the same treatment as San Andreas, highlighting the areas around the city that weren’t featured in its previous appearance.

Obviously, take this map leak with a grain of salt. Rockstar hasn’t officially shared anything about GTA 6 just yet, and there’s a good chance that this is a fake made just to gain some Reddit and Imgur clout.

Even the comments on the Reddit post highlighting this new map are deeply skeptical. The image is blurry and fairly scarce in content. Without any recognizable landmarks from other GTA games, it’s hard to officially confirm its authenticity.

The original depiction of Vice City was full of ‘80s flair. What might it look like today?

Rockstar Games

Still, map leaks are common enough in the video game industry to where this could end up being real. Red Dead Redemption 2’s map leaked ahead of that game’s launch, so it’s plausible that the same thing could happen to GTA 6.

If that is the game, keep in mind that GTA 6 is reportedly still in active development and years away from release, so the map will obviously evolve over time. The game’s final map could look a bit different than this because Rockstar Games will refine it over time.

If this is an accurate leak, it’s an exciting early look at a game Rockstar game still refuses to talk about. At least GTA V is releasing for PS5 and Xbox Series X on November 11, 2021 to hold us over.

GTA 6 is reportedly in active development.

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