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How to find and beat the Dendro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

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The newest element introduced to Genshin Impact, Dendro, has been around for a few months now since launching with 3.0. So far, it has been a welcome addition to the game, introducing new characters and skills that have changed the overall meta for the better. Enemies can also take advantage of the Dendro element, one such enemy being the Dendro Hypostasis which just took up residence in Sumeru following the launch of the version 3.2 update. Tracking it down is a challenge unto itself, so here’s where to find it and how to defeat it.

Dendro Hypostasis prerequisites

There are two important things to do before taking on the new world boss. First is that if you haven’t unlocked the Sumeru region, then you will need to do this as that is where the Dendro Hypostasis resides. To do this you need to navigate to The Chasm area of the map and interact with a Statue of the Seven to unlock a part of the Sumeru Map.

Make sure to have a Dendro character like Nahida in your party.


The second requirement for the Dendro Hypostasis boss fight is that you need to have a Dendro character in your party to complete the fight. The easiest way to do this is by recruiting Collei for free. Though there are several Dendro characters to choose from.

Where to find the Dendro Hypostasis location

Finding the Dendro Hypostasis is a little tricky, and if you aren’t keeping an eye out, it is possible to miss it. In the sandy dunes of the Sumeru Desert, you need to navigate to the Land of Lower Setekh. There is a waypoint north of Dar al-Shifa that is a good place to travel to if you have it unlocked.

The Dendro Hypostasis is in the Sumeru Desert.


Follow the southern path from this waypoint past an oasis and then head slightly east until you run into an updraft. This will bring you to a new waypoint within jumping distance of the Dendro Hypostasis boss arena.

From this waypoint, you can jump off the cliff to the southeast and you will find a large tunnel leaving underground that leads directly to the Dendro Hypostasis.

Dendro Hypostasis boss fight guide

The Dendro Hypostasis is pretty similar to the other Hypostasis bosses that have appeared in Genshin Impact so far. It will alternate between an attack phase and a vulnerable phase. When it’s in the vulnerable phase, just hit the Hypostasis as hard as you can.

However, when you get the Dendro Hypostasis to nearly the end of its health bar, the fight will change. At this point, the Dendro Hypostasis will begin to heal itself. It will spawn three Restorative Piths. If you do not have a Dendro character in your party, this boss fight will be unwinnable as the Dendro Hypostasis will not restore itself endlessly.

Pairing an Electro character like Yae Miko with a Dendro character will make the boss fight a lot easier.


However, with a Dendro character in your party, you can use Dendro attacks on all three of the Restorative Piths, stopping the healing process. At this point, it is recommended to take advantage of having an Electro character in your party to help finish the fight quickly.

What are the Dendro Hypostasis rewards?

In addition to the usual experience and Mora that comes with defeating enemies, the main rewards to look forward to by defeating the Dendro Hypostasis are specific to Dendro characters.

You will receive Nagadus Emerald gemstones, which are used by Dendro characters for ascension. In addition, the boss fight also awards Quelled Creeper material which is only currently used by Nahida.

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