7 best Genshin Impact Electro characters for Aggravate team comps

An electrifying cast.

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The Dendro element has officially shifted the Genshin Impact meta. Elemental reactions play a major role in how players build teams because of their multipliers and additions that increase damage. In this case, Dendro/Electro reactions have “buffed” Electro characters.

Aggravate triggers when a character applies Electro to an enemy in the Quickened state. The Aggravate reaction increases damage according to the triggering character’s Elemental Mastery. It isn’t really a multiplier, but flat damage that raises depending on the EM. Quicken is purely Dendro plus Electro, so you need to attack it with Electro again to trigger Aggravate.

Hyperbloom does three times the damage as a ruptured Dendro Core if an Electro character triggers the reaction. As a plus, it hones in on targets instead of exploding in place. Hyperbloom implies that a Hydro character is on the team to create the Dendro Cores. Naturally, these teams will be different than Aggravate ones but are still viable in the meta.

These are 7 Electro characters worth adding to Aggravate (and Hyperbloom) teams.


Fischl has a notorious DPS build called “Machine Gun Fischl,” but it might not be what you need for Aggravate.


Fischl might just be the most popular 4-star Electro sub DPS. Her Elemental Skill summons her Raven, Oz, who intermittently deals Electro DMG to nearby enemies like a turret. However, what really makes her stand out is her 4th Ascension Passive (Level 60 Fischl). Her passive deals 80 percent of her ATK as Electro DMG to your opponent if Oz is on the field and you trigger an Electro reaction like Aggravate.


Captain Beidou has an Elemental Skill that absorbs damage when you hold. Don’t test it too hard, though.


Beidou has an Elemental Burst that puts her on the Aggravate list, too. It summons a ring of Electro that stays active even when she’s off the field, so the next character in line can apply it to enemies before triggering Aggravate. Those who want to use Beidou as a sub DPS should raise her Elemental Recharge so she can set it off as much as possible.

Yae Miko

Yae Miko is the only character to receive a “buff” and have it taken away just as quickly. Can’t say HoYoverse doesn’t listen to fans.


Yae Miko works as both an Electro DPS or sub DPS depending on your needs. She might not apply Electro as quickly as Keqing, but her EM scaling makes her another meta choice as DPS. Meanwhile, she also makes a good sub DPS with some drawbacks. Her Elemental Skill creates turrets that intermittently hit nearby targets with Electro DMG. However, some players don’t like how far she steps back when she creates the turrets and how long she needs to stay on the field. Sprinting back to enemies also drains stamina.

Kuki Shinobu

Kuki Shinobu is a badass jack of trades and also Itto’s babysitter.


Need heals? Well, Kuki Shinobu might be the best bet for your team as an Electro applicator and healer. Her Elemental Skill forms a ring that stays around the active character while it heals and applies Electro to nearby enemies. Even better, her 4th Ascension Passive increases her healing bonus and Electro DMG based on her Elemental Mastery. Just keep her HP up and you should be good.


Lisa quickly makes an impression as the chill and flirtatious librarian at the Knights of Favonius.


Lisa’s free-to-play status makes her an ideal choice for anyone saving their gems (and wallets). Her Burst, which creates a field that consistently deals Electro DMG to enemies within it, is the most valuable addition to the Aggravate comp. It might not be ideal for fights where you need to move around (like Childe Weekly Boss), but it’s still a viable option for F2P players in many cases.


Keqing used to be one of the “worst” 5-star DPSes and now she’s not.


Unlike the others on this list, Keqing is just meant to be an Aggravate DPS. She’s best as a “driver” for Electro reactions because of how fast she can trigger Aggravate with the right Dendro teammates. Her skill and burst don’t stay on the field when she switches out, so she’s not as great an option for a sub DPS or support. Main point: Keqing isn’t just a consolation prize from losing your 50/50 anymore. It’s her time to shine!

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is one of the best-selling characters in the game. Probably both for her design and powerful abilites.


Raiden Shogun is the Electro Archon and a mainstay on many teams as main and sub DPS. She’s not as ideal as Keqing or Yae Miko as a DPS in Aggravate comps because she doesn’t have EM scaling and doesn’t apply Electro as quickly as Keqing to trigger reactions. However, she’s still viable and more than makes up for it with personal damage. It’s hard to go wrong with Raiden.

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