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What you need to know about Genshin Impact’s Childe and Rosaria Banner

Should you push your luck?

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Genshin Impact is giving you a second chance. After hitting top speeds in the last few months, adding numerous new characters like Xiao, Ganyu, and Hu Tao, some wallets might be tuckered out. It’s tough to earn every available character. As a panacea for your financial woes or as a recap to get you up to speed, Genshin Impact Version 1.4 stars old characters like Childe and Venti.

You can currently try your hand at obtaining Childe. Is the smooth-talking scandal worth your Primogems? Or is it worth getting Rosaria?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Childe and Rosaria Banner.

When is the Genshin Impact Childe and Rosaria Banner end time?

The Childe Banner will conclude shortly before update 1.5 drops on April 27 at 3 p.m. Eastern.

What characters are featured on the Genshin Impact Childe and Rosaria Banner?

The Banner stars the five-star Hydro archer Childe. He's joined by three four-star characters:

  • Electro Archer Fischl
  • Hydro Catalyst-user Barbara
  • Cryo Polearm-wielder Rosaria

Are you guaranteed to get Rosaria and Childe in Genshin Impact?

Not quite. You're not guaranteed to get Childe, even if you pull from his Banner. Luckily, Genshin Impact does feature a Mercy system. If you conduct 89 attempts without getting a five-star reward, you're guaranteed a five-star item on your ninetieth pull. The guaranteed five-star item has a 50 percent chance to be Childe. If that first pity five-star wasn't Childe, your next five-star will be. This means, at most, you'll need 180 wishes to get Childe.

If you participated in a previous Event Banner without earning a five-star character, your progress will carry over to the Childe Banner. Which only means you'll have that much greater chance at drawing him.

Are you guaranteed to get Rosaria in Genshin Impact?

Your chance of nabbing the new four-star character, Rosaria isn’t nearly as simple. You might get her? You might not.

You’re guaranteed to get a four-star character every 10 pulls. When you do get one, there’s a 50 percent chance that it will be one of the three featured four-stars, which includes Rosaria, Fischl, and Barbara. If you do pull a featured five-star, there’s a 33 percent chance that it will be Rosaria. If you don’t claim Rosaria immediately, it might be best to cut your losses before you spend your entire wallet.

Is Childe a good character in Genshin Impact?

Childe is a decent character. His kit is extremely versatile. He can attack from a distance using his bow then switch it up by using his hydro polearm. This allows Childe to flow quite well with nearly any other character.

He’s a great all-rounder for your team, which inherently makes him “good,” but it’s hard to argue that he’s nearly as helpful without his later constellations, meaning that you’ll have to earn multiple copies of the character before they become objectively “good.”

Childe is good, but he’s not a gamechanger.

Should you pay for the Childe Banner in Genshin Impact?

Childe suffers from not being quite as spectacular as his other five-star cohorts out of the gate. With characters like Venti and Xiao available, both of who are essentially able to solo any combat encounter, it’s difficult to say Childe is worth it. He’s good, sure, but not good enough to sacrifice 180 wishes.

The other characters on his Banner this time around aren’t fantastic either. Fischl can be a boon once you reach her later Constellations but is rather iffy out of the gate. Barbara is a decent healer if you have no other options.

Rosaria is possibly the best reason to pull from this Banner. She’s a great four-star character. Rosaria can fill in your team’s physical DPS with ease, especially if you can get her a few Constellations for her. Alternatively, she can also act as a great support character for your team. Rosaria’s abilities let you boost your team’s Crit Rate, making it easier to land decisive blows.

Obtaining Rosaria is a bit iffier than getting Childe as it’s impossible to tell when you’ll get her. You could be flush with Rosaria or she could show up once in 90 pulls.

Unless you desperately need somebody from this Banner for your team, you should feel okay skipping this one.

What Banner comes after Childe in Genshin Impact?

We don’t yet know what character is going to follow Childe. According to rumors that have been spread online, he could be followed by either a Zhongli rerun or a new character named Eula.

Following Zhongli’s buff in Version 1.3, he’s evolved into a great character that’ll allow you to make an amazing Geo Element team.

We’ll have to wait for an official word from miHoYo to know who will come to Genshin Impact next.

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