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How to get all of Aerith’s weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Finally uncover Aerith’s whole collection of rods and staves.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake throws a wide variety of baddies your way, and each of them demand a slightly different strategy. To succeed in the game, you’ll need to maximize your damage in every situation, even if you're sticking to Aerith's customary spellcaster role. Struggling to find the best weapons around? You can finally collect all six of Aerith’s staves and scepters, because we’ve rounded up the locations for every single one of them.

Guard Staff location– Aerith uses the Guard Stick as her default weapon, so you just need to unlock her by playing Chapter 8. The true Guard Stick was in you all along.

Using the Guard Staff, you can learn the ability, Arcane Ward. Attack spells cast within the ward will automatically be cast twice. The move costs one ATB bar to perform.

Aerith attacks.

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Silver Staff location– You can find the Silver Staff in Moggie’s Moogle Emporium inventory for a mere two Moogle Medals. If you’re lacking medals, play the Wack-a-Box game near Moggie (unlocked by playing the Kids on Patrol sidequest) to earn some free Moogle Medals.

The Silver Staff will teach Aerith Sorcerous Storm, letting her deal AoE damage to nearby enemies for one ATB bar. If there’s an Elemental Materia on Aerith’s weapon, this move will use that element as well.

Arcane Scepter location– After completing your initial run at the Corneo Colosseum in Chapter 9, you’ll be given two potential side quest lines depending on your prior choices. Depending on the questline given, you’ll either have to complete Dynamite Body or Shears' Counterattack. Finish either one to unlock the Silver Staff for Aerith. This will be the same questline that can alter a dress worn for Don Corneo.

Using the Arcane Scepter, you can learn the Fleeting Familiar ability. It allows you to summon a fairy that attacks your enemies periodically as well as after you use abilities and spells for one ATB bar.

Mythril Rod location– In Chapter 11, while exploring Switchyard 2 - Section C, go through an old train and exit right, rather than using a ladder to continue your objective. We’ve provided a map below.

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Using the Mythril Rod, you can fire a beam that will massively increase enemy stagger for two ATB bars. This technique is considered crucial for many Post-game fights.

Bladed Staff location– Use the Steal ability on Eligor, the boss in Chapter 11, to unlock the Bladed Staff. Make sure to have your Steal Materia equipped for this fight.

Experience the Bladed Staff to unlock the Lustrous Shield ability for Aerith. The barrier will block all projectiles for one ATB bar, so long as you remain behind the small shield.

Reinforced Staff location–When you start Chapter 17, look around Aerith’s room for a purple chest. Open the chest to obtain your Reinforced Staff.

You can also use this weapon to unlock the ability ATB Ward. The ability summons a field of energy that replenishes ATB for allies that stand within it. It costs 2 ATB bars to use the technique.

The best weapon for Aerith

With all these choices available for FF7 Remake’s mage, what exactly should you focus on when bringing her into battle with you? Aerith’s main draw is her magical strength, if you want to bring out her maximum attack potential, use the Mythril Rod, which boasts the strongest magic attack.

If you’re looking for something more balanced, use the Reinforced Staff. It provides an ample defense buff to make up for the slightly less powerful magic stat. This staff could be just what you need to survive FF7 Remake’s toughest foes like the game’s secret final boss.

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