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Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

The new compilation project is coming to a phone near you next year.

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Square Enix

Move over Final Fantasy VII Remake. There’s another Final Fantasy VII remake on the horizon. Square Enix is releasing an ongoing mobile game called Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. While fans hoped that might be a subtitle for a proper sequel, it’s actually a compilation that includes a more traditional remake of the PlayStation classic and then some. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming mobile game.

What is FF7: Ever Crisis?

At this point, it’s probably hard to keep everything straight. You’ve got Remake, its potential sequel, Intergrade (which is not a sequel), and The First Soldier. But this, Ever Crisis, is a unique compilation project separate from all of that that combines pretty much everything from Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

Essentially, this is a mobile compilation that collects every piece of media in the Final Fantasy VII saga. That includes the original game as well as spinoffs like Crisis Core. Here’s the full rundown of what’s included story-wise.

  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
  • Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII
  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
  • Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Zack gets ready for battle in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

Square Enix

Here’s the confusing part. The game isn’t simply a collection where you can play each game individually. Instead, it’s an episodic game where you’ll play through chapters of each in the correct chronology. In essence, it’s a much purer Final Fantasy VII remake than the actual Remake, which *SPOILERS* is more of a spirited reboot than anything else.

There are also a few changes from the original games at play with Ever Crisis. The visual style has been overhauled to look a little more modern while retaining a nostalgic twist. The game will feature some new material as well, so there will be something for diehards who’ve already played these games to explore.

When will FF7: Ever Crisis be released?

At the moment, we just know it’s coming in 2022. Square Enix didn’t provide a firm release timeline beyond that, so it seems that there’s still much work to do on the game. All we know is that it’ll come out after Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, which is scheduled to drop sometime in 2021.

Is there an FF7: Ever Crisis trailer?

There is, and it contains a lot of information. It gives players a glimpse of what games are included in the package and how they look with updated graphics. Text at the topic refers to the project “another possibility for a remake.”

What platforms and consoles will FF7: Ever Crisis be on?

This may be bad news for you, depending on your relationship with mobile gaming. Ever Crisis will only be released on Android and iOS, or at least that’s the current plan. They’re mobile-exclusive games, just like The First Soldier. That’s a little disappointing for RPG fans who don’t want to squint at a phone screen to read through dialogue. Square Enix has not announced plans to bring the game to consoles, so keep your fingers crossed for a port.

A look at the new art style in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

Square Enix

Who is developing Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis?

Ever Crisis isn’t actually developed by Square Enix outright. Instead, it’s being handled by a mobile company called Applibot. That happens to be the same studio that’s working on Nier mobile game Re[in]carnation.

Even with outsourced development, Tetsuya Nomura is still directing the project and Kazushige Nojima is writing it. So despite it being outside of Square Enix’s hands, it’ll still be consistent with the franchise.

FF7: Ever Crisis will be released on iOS and Android devices sometime in 2022.

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