The latest in Final Fantasy VII Remake
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15 games to grab from the PlayStation Summer Sale ASAP

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PS Plus July 2022: 12 new games coming this month

PS Plus is full of animals and assassins this month.

Game Theory

7 possible titles for FF7 Remake part 3

Re-ady for more?

First Class

Crisis Core Reunion devs reveal how the remaster will “enhance” FF7 Rebirth

Zack is back.

Game theory

FF7 Rebirth could change the original’s most important twist

Imposter Syndrome.

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Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy 16

It is coming.

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FF7 Rebirth trailer reveals a shocking truth about the remake trilogy

What’s past is prologue.

Game Theory

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth needs to bring back a controversial villain

A LOVELESS villain

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Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Part 2 of 3.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in 10 stunning images

It’s happening!


Final Fantasy 7 anniversary leak reveals the return of a beloved spinoff

Long overdue.

saving grace

Final Fantasy 7 Remake theory reveals the sly reason behind that Barret twist

They just let anyone come back to life now, don’t they?

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Everything we know about the Final Fantasy 35th anniversary celebrations

Happy birthday, Final Fantasy.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox One, Switch, PC release date rumors and details

The game won't be a PS4 exclusive forever.

FF7 Week

25 years ago, Final Fantasy changed video game protagonists forever

Do you ever feel like a fraud?

FF7 Week

Stunning Final Fantasy 7 concept art could reveal a Remake Part 2 twist

Red XIII needs to have a bigger role.