One of the hardest Fall Guys levels will get more frustrating in Season 3

A radical change could make See Saw even more of a challenge.

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Now that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has cemented its popularity with the medieval-themed Season 2, the developers are already looking to the future and seeing what can be improved.

On the highest level, this means more new Rounds and Round variations are being worked. A new blog post about some of Season 2's new additions teases a new Round that is in the works, and it sounds like a combination of Fall Guys' toughest levels.

On October 16, Game Designer Ben Nizan wrote a blog post about all of the additions made in Season 2 of Fall Guys, mainly focusing on the new moveable blocks that he believes "create an amazing crucible for emergent and unexpected interactions that are quite unlike anything else in the game." At the end of the article, he teases that they might come to other events in Fall Guys if the community likes the feature.

"I'm often keeping a keen ear out for community feedback so who knows, maybe we’ll be coming up with brand new rounds that use them in future?" Nizan said. "Maybe we’ll combine them with See Saws? You’d love that ... right?"

This comment appears to tease a new version of See Saw that utilizes the moveable blocks. As any Fall Guys player will know, See Saw has been in the game since the start. And it's always been one of the more frustrating games.

Players have to proceed across series of platforms with a hinge at the middle, so if too many Fall Guys group up on one side, that side will swing down while the opposite end swings up. If players don't behave intuitively, then the titular seesaws will let players fall to their doom.

See Saws is already a difficult level to get through, especially in the round variation where some of the see-saws are positioned vertically. The thought of adding blocks into the mix is scary as this addition has the potential to make See Saw rounds even more frustrating. Players will also have to account for the weight of the block to either help themselves or hurt their opponents.

Even though this seems like a frustrating twist, we also don't know if this will be a simple round variation or an all-new round. Season 2 contained a couple of new rounds that put new spins on old rounds. One of these was Hoopsie Legends, which incorporated these blocks into an already existed format. As such, it serves as the best blueprint for what could happen with the new See Saw-like level in Fall Guys.

In the See Saw 'Fall Guys' event, players have to compensate for the weight of their fellow Fall Guys.

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"A really cool thing about the movable blocks and ramps in Season 2 is that they allow players to dynamically modify the environment they’re playing in," Nizan Stated "To literally grab the level itself and drag it around means the flow through the level is constantly changing. It’s exciting to work on because it means that change comes directly from the interactions between players and the environment and isn’t defined by us."

As Mediatonic is keeping this in mind while working on a new stage, they'll hopefully work to make this See Saw successor more chaotic than frustrating. It sounds like this round is fairly far off as Nizan only teased it lightly. As such, it doesn't seem like it would come to the game until Season 3 or later.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now for PC, and PS4.

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