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Follow this perfect Dizzy Heights path to win a Crown in Fall Guys

Try this hidden path on Dizzy Heights to shimmy your way to victory.

Fall Guys, the sensational new battle royale/game show hybrid, can feel like a daunting experience when it always seems like you're just one wrong step away from falling into the slime below and losing. But in the seemingly chaotic Dizzy Heights event, there's a relatively simple path you can take that if executed properly, can all but guarantee that you'll win the round.

Here's how you do it.

What is Dizzy Heights in Fall Guys?

Dizzy Heights is a map in Fall Guys featuring a series of spinners. As you try to progress, the ground is constantly in motion with one platform spinning right, while another adjacent one is spinning left.

You're tossed around every few steps, which throws off your equilibrium every few seconds. It's not an uncommon sight for players to be flung from side to side during a map. This makes it feel nearly impossible to succeed without some frustrating trouble.

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How do you win the fist section in Dizzy Heights?

One method to success is found by following the platform's flow: Go left when platforms go left, and move right when they do the same. This is how most people traverse the odyssey, insuring they qualify, but you don't want that. You can follow platforms on the fly, but this means you'll run into crowds, constantly. If everyone else as the same idea as you do, it's impossible to stand out, making your success uncertain.

Luckily enough, there's a simple route through the map's initial section. This is what the pros use when they play Dizzy Heights. All you need to do is make some sharp turns and you can lead the pack in no time. You can watch the video featuring this trick below.

As you can see in the video, the left half provides the most expedient route through the initial wave of spinners. However, you can hone the path even further if you jump rather than walk between spinners. When you jump, you'll be pushed forward, allowing you to further increase the gap between you and your adversaries.

How do you win the second section in Dizzy Heights?

Now that you've made it to the second section, your next goal is to dodge falling balls. There are two things you need to remember for this section:

First, zig-zag all the way through this and it will keep you ahead of the pack, therefore ensuring that you're not caught off guard by any wayward balls. Second, if anyone has managed to make it ahead of you, make sure you stay directly behind them. If a ball comes your way, it'll take them out while missing you entirely.

How do you win the third section in Dizzy Heights?

Now you're onto the third section, another one completely riddled with spinners. There isn't a specific path to take this time around, but if you stay left you'll reach the goal much faster. Make sure to jump after each spinning disc to increase your momentum. This will assure your success.

How do you win the final section in Dizzy Heights?

You've made it past all other obstacles. With the finish line in sight, there one last thing for you to do: Make it over three spinning platforms. Once you're here, just keep jumping a bit early as you did on the other spinner rounds and you'll win in no time flat!

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