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5 shortcuts in Fall Guys to help you win Slime Climb and the Whirlygig

Five friendly footways to get you first place.

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If you've been enjoying the latest in battle royale trends with Fall Guys, you might be wondering how to actually win. Whenever you're playing either Slime Climb or the Whirlygig, there are some crucial shortcuts that will help you claim a spot on the victory podium. You won't get left behind if you can locate these surefire ways to expedite your path to the finish line.

5. Skip the ramp, but get to the platform on Whirlygig

In the climactic final area of Whirlygig, you're faced with a choice to either take troublesome ramp or go around the easy way. The ramp path allows you to hop straight to the finish line, but the detours let you arrive worry-free.

Dash halfway through the first platform on the left or right then attempt to jump right as the fence around the ramped platform ends. Lunge midway through your jump to extend it. You can see this done properly below. This way you can both get the easy start and succeed the shortest route to the finish.

4. Launch yourself with bounce-triangles on Slime Climb

To win Slime Climb, you have to reach the peak before the pink-colored slime touches your toes. This is hard, so hard that every remaining tip will be devoted to besting this ascent.

Your first tip is to utilize the cheese colored triangles to skip entire sections. You can hop atop these triangles to bounce up quickly to the next section, completely skipping the turn, saving precious time.

3. Mind the gap by skipping the leap

Here you can see the mouth hop and the platform immediately after 'Minding the Gap'

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As you continue through Slime Climb, you'll reach an area with platforms, gaps, and moving things trying to push you off the platforms. This is all frustrating when you're trying to dash right through, but why not skip the initial ordeal? When you're scaling the ramp with large balls in your path, look to your right, to see the next area. You can jump right up to a nearby gap between platforms, then skip immediately to the start of the section, again skipping the turn.

2. Meet at the mouth

Immediately after dominating the platform gap hopping, you'll scale a small ramp leading to a larger ramp. You can skip this turn as well. Just jump from the blue ramp to the yellow one at the edge where the two ramps meet.

You'll make this hop nearly every single time.

1. Say no to hammer time

It's fun to use hammers, and it's also fun to watch Shaq say, "It's hammer time!" But it's not fun to get hit by Fall Guys' random hammers. They can completely impede your progress with annoying regularity. When you reach Slime Climb's slimy path of hammers, try sticking to the aquamarine-colored wall on your right side. Doing so should allow you to narrowly avoid most hammers. When you reach the end of the hammer path, you should be able to jump right from this ramp to the next one, making things even simpler.

With all this, there no way you're not qualifying on your next time playing Slime Climb or Whirlygig.

Fall Guys is currently available on PS4 and PC.

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