Secret Hex-a-Gone mechanic in Fall Guys breaks the game wide open

It's not always the last jellybean standing.

Every event in this summer's sensational new battle royale/game show hybrid, Fall Guys, puts you in the shoes of a jellybean-shaped contestant competing to be the last man standing in a zany obstacle course. One particular event, Hex-a-Gone, involves a tower full of hexagon panels that evaporate once someone steps on them. To fall into the pit of slime far below means you lose.

But what if we told more than one person can walk away with the winning Crown in Hex-a-Gone?

Redditor Glenn1792 posted a video on the Fall Guys subreddit on Tuesday demonstrating how they and their friend tied for first place in the mini-game. Normally, the last player still hopping across the panels will just keep going until they fall. But this duo got lucky and began the round with only three other players, which made it fairly easy for them to secure a spot as the final two.

From there, they played so well that the game ended before either of them fell to the bottom.

Since they were the only two left, both players slowly jumped between the remaining falling panels while carefully trying to avoid bumping into each other. They were able to avoid death for so long that the round's hidden five-minute timer ran down to zero and named them both winners.

"We both [got] our Crown respectively," wrote Glenn1792. "On my screen, it showed him getting the Crown whereas on his it showed me getting the crown."

Inverse reached out to Fall Guys developer, Mediatonic, for comment but did not hear back in time for publishing.

This probably means it's technically possible for even more simultaneous winners if everyone in the game played slowly enough. But since there had been no in-game notification that Hex-a-Gone is on a timer, many players tend to speed across the panels attempting to make the competition fall through before they do.

It's unclear if Hex-a-Gone's secret timer is something Mediatonic will eventually remove or if it's here to stay, though it does make sense to have a timer for the final round. This way, cheaters who have been caught floating and flying through Fall Guys can't indefinitely stall a round of Hex-a-Gone. But this built-in clock can be abused now that more people know about it.

Look out below!


Any squad of players can try and go for a tied win, even if it takes a couple of attempts. You'll need to consistently make it to the final round to even get a shot at it, and then you need to hope the game places you into a round of Hex-a-Gone. From there, it's all about how slowly you can jump from platform to platform, evading all other players in the round, and making sure you have a safe place to land before you jump down into a lower level.

Even then, you'll need to hope that other players haven't knocked out too much platform real-estate so you can run the clock by hopping from hexagon to hexagon. It might involve a lot of luck mixed with some serious skill, but tying a round of Hex-a-Gone has been proven possible.

Fall Guys is out now for PC and PlayStation 4.

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