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5 critical Hex-a-Gone tips to help you win the Crown in Fall Guys

With a little practice, you'll become a Hex-a-Gone hopping machine.

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Fall Guys rewrote what's possible from the battle royale by replacing guns with game show events.

This summer's gaming obsession gives players control of a bean-shaped contestant that must tumble its way through quirky obstacle courses to be the last critter standing out of a pool of 60. One particular event, Hex-a-Gone, consists of a column of hexagon-shaped panels that disappear once someone steps on them. To fall into the slime pit below means instant elimination.

Hex-a-Gone is always the final event in a game of Fall Guys, making it one of the most nerve-wracking courses in the game. But YouTuber Yellr has created a video guide for the final round, which lays out five essential tips on how to become a Hex-a-Gone all-star with just a little practice.

5. The art of slow jumping

Slow jump by hopping onto a new platform and waiting for it to pop back up after you've landed. This is your visual cue to jump to another hexagon, then rinse and repeat.


Before getting into any strategies, you need to learn how to slow jump if you want to consistently walk away with the Crown after a round of Hex-a-Gone. This technique involves patiently hopping from one platform to another instead of dashing across multiple platforms, buying you more time to stall out your opponents.

To pull off a slow jump, you'll need to carefully observe the platform you're landing on so you can judge when it's time to jump to a new hexagon. When you're landing on a platform, it will gingerly get pushed down and then bounce back up before vanishing. That final bounce is your cue to jump to an adjacent hexagon and repeat the same steps.

The timing is a bit tricky to get down at first, but with a bit of practice, you'll get the rhythm down and be miles above the competition.

4. Perfecting the initial drop

Always head to and edge and work your way into the first layer of platforms in Hex-a-Gone.


At the start of the round, all of the players in the lobby will get dropped onto the first level of platforms. Your goal is to avoid anyone running across the level and head to a secluded edge where you can begin slow-jumping. This becomes harder if more people make it to the final round (there can be up to 20), but always try and be the last one to fall from the top level.

This gives you a huge advantage because you're able to slow-jump with very little competition, and you can see what platforms are remaining below you to begin planning your next move.

3. Look below and plan ahead

Yellr spots a patch of purple platforms below him. He chooses to forfeit a handful of blue platforms to make sure he can safely land on the tiles below him.


Succeeding at Hex-a-Gone is all about multitasking.

As soon as you have some space to yourself, you want to maximize the number of hexagons you can slow-jump on while also looking underneath you to see where you can safely land.

Keep in mind, it's sometimes worth it to give up on a few extra tiles on the level you're currently on to ensure you can land on a huge swath of tiles below you if there's no one else contesting them.

Juggling all of this can be overwhelming at first, especially if you're still trying to master slow-jumping, but a couple of trial runs will get you used to the thought process. Just remember to never succumb to tunnel vision on the level you're currently on; There's nothing worst than missing one jump and plummeting down three levels.

2. Cut off the competition

Yellr spots two other players rushing towards him. Instead of running away, he momentarily runs towards them to ensure they can't make it to an island of tiles he saved for himself.


Fall Guys has been out for just over a month, but there are plenty of players that are already experts at Hex-a-Gone. Odds are you'll run into a few of them if you're grinding for Crowns. You'll need to cut off these players once it's just you and them competing for remaining tiles.

The best way to do this is to see where they're planning on slow-jumping to and drop down or rush towards where they are and eliminate the tiles they'll be relying on in the near future.

If you're dropping down on them, always make sure to land in front of them. Landing behind them will put you at risk of getting cut off.

If you're both on the same level, try to lock down an area of tiles for yourself and create a divide between where you are and where they are by quickly running across a few rows of platforms.

There's always a bit of risk involved with trying to cut someone off, so gauge whether or not it's worth going for an offensive play. If you see them struggling to slow jump, you might be better off waiting for them to mess up. But if they're confident in their play, getting aggressive could mess up their rhythm.

1. Advanced tip: The quick grab

Quickly turning around and grabbing your opponent when you're both rushing to cut each other off can win you the round if you time it correctly.


Yellr ends his video with an advanced tip on how to even more effectively cut other players off. It involves quickly grabbing players to halt their momentum causing them to fall. This is best saved for messing up experienced players that know you're trying to cut them off.

When you drop down next to a seasoned Hex-a-Gone competitor, they'll immediately stop slow jumping to try and cut you off before you can do it to them. This is when you can force them to an edge, then quickly turn around, tap the grab button while facing them, and then jump to any adjacent platform to begin slow jumping again.

Doing this can mess with their rhythm and cause them to fall, but missing the grab can also result in the same thing happening to you. Try and predict where you're opponent will flee to when you're cutting them off and quickly turn in that direction to grab a hold of them.

This technique is best saved for a one-versus-one scenario where you feel like your opponent will win if you don't stop them. It's most easily done when there aren't many platforms left in a certain level so your opponent will be forced to either try and cut you off or drop down and forfeit what's left of the level to you.

Fall Guy is out now for PC and PlayStation 4.

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