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Everything you need to know about the "thicc" Fall Guys Season 2 patch notes

Knight Fever, show selection, and THICC BONKUS are here.

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Fall Guys just launched a brand new season with a medieval theme that introduces new obstacles and challenges for players. Now that the update is live and the official patch notes are in the wild, we know all of the new features that it brings.

Here's an in-depth look at some of the biggest changes to expect when you log onto Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout after downloading patch 1.09.

If nothing else, watch out for Thicc Bonkus.

New Rounds

In terms of new experiences, Fall Guys Season 2 comes with four new levels, with more planned for release over the course of this update. Wall Guys is a stage where players must move giant boxes in order to scale the walls of a fortress. This stage requires players to work together, which is obviously quite tough in Fall Guys.

The second new stage is Knight Fever, a platforming guanlet that includes the Thicc Bonkus, a community-named spiked obstacle that swings back and for at multiple points in the map. Many a run will end to the Thicc Bonkus. The last two new games are Egg Siege and Hoopsie Legends, which are variations of Egg Scramble and Hoopsie Daisy played on medieval maps.

Show Selector

Show Selector finally lets players choose which kinds of rounds that they would like to play.

There's now the Main Show, which includes all levels, but there's also an alternate option called Gauntlet Showdown. That exclusively queues up race levels like Slime Climb. Here's a look at all the maps available as part of Gauntlet Showdown:

  • Dizzy Heights
  • Door Dash
  • Fruit Chute
  • Gate Crash
  • Hit Parade
  • Knight Fever
  • See Saw
  • Slime Climb
  • Tip Toe
  • The Whirlygig
  • Wall Guys
  • Fall Mountain

If you only like to play certain levels in Fall Guys or despise particular rounds, the new show selector has you covered.

New customization options

This new season of Fall Guys comes with a lot of customization options, many of which are medieval-themed.

Players can either earn these outfits by acquiring fame and leveling up or buying them from the store with Kudos and Crowns. In addition to costumes and color palettes, nameplates have been introduced so players can now customize their banner and name.

If you like customizing your Fall Guy, you have a ton of new unlocks to work towards and design your character with. For players that don't care about putting together an outfit for their character, and randomization option was added to the customization screen.

Fall Guys is more optimized

Those playing on PlayStation 4 should see quite a few performance improvements after this update. Fall Guys now runs at 60 FPS across all versions of the PS4. In addition, grabbing ledges is now easier, a lot of bugs have gotten fixed, and older stages have seen graphical updates.

The full patch notes for Fall Guys Season 2 are listed is on the game's website, but we've also noted the many changes below:

New Features

  • The Show Selector: Time-limited Shows give players new ways to enjoy their favorite round types by selecting which Show they want to play!
  • Nameplates: Mix and Match customizable Banners and Nameplates to compliment your Fall Guy's attire!
  • Random Outfit Generator: Press triangle on the customizer screen until you get a combination of items you like!


  • See your party members fall alongside you whilst waiting for matchmaking to complete.
  • Fall Guys now have more responsive mantling up ledges
  • Visual updates to many levels

New Levels

  • Knight Fever: Our hardest gauntlet level yet
  • Wall Guys: Cooperate with other players to traverse castle walls
  • Egg Siege: A brand new Egg Scramble map with moving drawbridges!
  • Hoopsie Legends: A Solo Hoopsie Round with moveable Blocks!

New Customization Options

  • Costumes, faceplates, color palettes, emotes, and celebrations!
  • Base PS4 FPS should be much better now (60 rather than 30).
  • Lots of the top crashes should be resolved in this build
  • Many bug fixes and optimizations.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available for PC and PS4.

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