The Fall Guys Big Yeetus update could ruin your favorite strategy

Many of the game's most predictable maps just got a lot more random.

Many of the Fall Guys maps that players have spent countless hours memorizing won't be the same after Tuesday's update for the battle royale/game show hybrid. Since its August 4 release, Fall Guys has surged in popularity to become this summer's gaming obsessions that pits 60 players against each other in a series of knockout events that leave one bean-shaped victor standing.

To keep things fresh, developer Mediatonic rolled out what it called the "BIG YEETUS & ANTI-CHEATUS" update Tuesday morning, which will make it more difficult for hackers to cheat their way to first place on PC by funneling all cheaters into the same server. Plus, it changes up many of the classic events that Fall Guys players have mastered since launch.

All maps now have a chance to spawn objects that were previously absent, like tumbling fruit in Dizzy Heights, pendulums in Fall Ball, and the twirling Big Yeetus hammer in See Saw, of course.

These new obstacles won't always appear, so it's still possible to be placed into classic versions of many Fall Guys events. But Tuesday's update added yet another layer of randomness to the game, which will invalidate many of the reliable strategies that gamers have devised to consistently win specific rounds.

"Players will quickly realize that all is not what it seems in the Blunderdome," a breakdown of the update from Mediatonic reads. "Familiar favorites will have to be tackled in all-new ways, with the addition of dozens of obstacles, dizzyingly random rotations and of course, plenty of tumbling fruit. And what’s more, players will have no idea when these changes will occur — no bean’s dignity shall be spared!"

Mastering the timing of Big Yeetus will be crucial for learning new shortcuts across many of 'Fall Guys's events.


The developer didn't provide a list of maps that will receive these changes and didn't respond to Inverse's request for comment in time for publishing. It'll be up to gamers to find out exactly which events received these changes, but the update video did tease a handful of altered maps.

  • The Whirlygig could have the spinning hammers that were originally found in Slime Climb.
  • Hoarders will have sliding red bumpers that were originally found on Gate Crash, along the border separating each team's zone.
  • Fall Mountain will also add sliding red bumpers in front of the colorful staircase right before the crown.
  • Rock n' Roll will have a chance to get the sliding red bumpers as well, making it a bit harder for teams to move their boulder.
  • Hit Parade will now have pendulums swinging over its balance beams right at the start of the race, plus the stationary bumpers at the final slime incline of the race have chance to become spinning hammers.
  • Dizzy Heights will have pendulums over its first set of rotating platforms. Then right before the finish line, there will be tumbling fruit and the mighty Big Yeetus hammer that players can try to use to vault their way over the fruit.
  • Fall Ball will add pendulums in front of both goals, making it a bit harder to score for each team.
  • See Saw will alter the direction of some of its balance platforms, plus it will include several Big Yeetus hammers.

Nabbing the crown in Fall Mountain, just got a little harder with the introduction of sliding bumpers.


Speed-running paths on Fall Mountain and other race maps, like streamer Robert “BobbyWasabi” Wilson's "Bobby Path," will work far less reliably than they did before the update because of the chance to get new obstacles. But additions like Big Yeetus add all-new shortcut potential to maps like See Saw, where you can skip over a whole set of balance platforms if you manage to use the hammer correctly to fling yourself across the level.

Fall Guys Season 2's October 6 release date might be right around the corner, but Mediatonic is mixing things up right before they usher in a new era of their smash-hit battle royale.

Fall Guys is out now for PC and PS4.

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