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Fall Guys data-miner finds evidence that an Xbox One port is in the works

A release date could be sooner than expected.

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Fall Guys has won over millions of PC and PlayStation 4 gamers with its unique gameshow shenanigans never seen in a battle royale game before it. Developer Mediatonic has demonstrated that the multiplayer genre popularized by Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone can be applied to more than just a shooter. Since the Fall Guys phenomenon began, however, Xbox One owners have been glaringly left out of the summer's biggest game. Some newly leaked information, however, could be an indication that an Xbox release might happen sooner than you might expect.

A mobile version of Fall Guys is currently in development, which will open up the title to even more gamers around the world. But when asked about an Xbox One version by Twitch Partner Kate Stark, Mediatonic said that it could arrive "maybe one day" and that refining the PS4 and PC versions are the dev's "real focus" at the moment.

Data-miner Thethiny, however, tells Inverse that Mediatonic has seemingly made far more progress on an Xbox One version than the developer is willing to publicly admit.

Thethiny found evidence that the current 'Fall Guys' build supports Xbox One in some capacity.

Thethiny / Twitter

"The game uses the Unity Engine where it is a simple button press to export an app for Xbox One, Switch, and mobile. No further work is required," they explained. "However, the code I found shows they're utilizing the 'Get User Profile from Xbox One Controller' feature. That feature isn't supported on PC even if you're using an Xbox controller. This shows that they might've started working on an Xbox port then they stopped halfway."

Thethiny tweeted a screenshot on August 27 of this particular discovery they made in the Fall Guys source code. They also shared two previously unpublished source code images that make it seem like work has been done to map the game's controls to the Xbox One controller layout.


Two screenshots showing that some work has been done to map the 'Fall Guys' controls to the Xbox One controllers.


What does that mean for the Fall Guys Xbox One release date?

Thethiny's findings don't confirm a Fall Guys Xbox One release date by any means, but they shed some light on Mediatonic's plans in the coming months.

Fall Guys Season 2 is confirmed to be releasing on PC and PS4 in October 2020. This launch will be a massive turning point for Mediatonic to see if it will continue its Sony exclusivity or if it's preparing a surprise Xbox One launch.

While the developer hasn't outright stated that it has a timed-exclusivity contract with Sony Interactive Entertainment, interviews with the company have revealed SIE was in the room when Fall Guys was just a concept. Landing Fall Guys as a free game included in Sony's monthly PS Plus offerings undoubtedly helped the title rise to the top of the battle royale food chain. But now, it has transcended the PS4 and become a gaming phenomenon that millions of people are itching to play every day.

Could Mediatonic be preparing a surprise Xbox One launch of 'Fall Guys' Season 2?

Mediatonic / Devolver Digital

Thethiny stated that it would be fairly simple for Mediatonic to roll out an Xbox One port of Fall Guys, which leaves the possibility of a surprise Season 2 launch on Microsoft's consoles. This does seem unlikely though, seeing how the release is only a month away and Mediatonic left out any mention of the Xbox One during the Season 2 announcement at Gamescom 2020.

If Fall Guys continues as a PS4 console exclusive into Season 2, don't expect to see an Xbox One port until 2021 at the earliest. But for all we know, Sony may be trying very hard behind the scenes to maintain exclusivity.

Fall Guys is avaialble now for the PS4 and PC.

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