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You only have a few days left to get this summer’s biggest game for free

Summer 2020's trendiest game won't be free for much longer.

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Since the era of social distancing began earlier this year, 2020 has been chock full of sensational gaming trends led by titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Final Fantasy VII Remake. But just a few days from now, summer's sensational, colorful, and unconventional battle royale game will no longer be free for PS Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 4. So you better act fast.

In early August, a trendy new game called Fall Guys took the internet by storm thanks in no small part to it being one of the two free games Sony offered as part of its premium subscription service, PS Plus.

Each month, subscribers get two games absolutely free as part of the "Instant Games Collection" so long as they maintain their subscription. Two new games become free on the first Tuesday of the month and leave on the first Tuesday of the following month. All you have to do is select "Add to Library" in the PS Store and you'll own it permanently. This system has been a massive boon to developers and players alike. Many credit the success of esports darling, Rocket League, to debuting on PS Plus.

Now, PS Plus is back at it again by giving gamers the chance to fall in love with Fall Guys. But after Tuesday, September 1, you'll have to pay the full price of $19.99 to add this game to your library and enjoy your gamer chic card.

Fall Guys for life

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In other words, you have less than a week to claim the summer's biggest game for free. If you're a paying PS Plus subscriber, there's no reason to miss out on this hot title.

Seriously, this game is great.

Fall Guys is a spin on the battle royale genre that replaces guns and gritty settings with luck and platforming expertise. Imagine if you captured the concept of the show Wipeout, where contestants attempt to traverse a cartoonish obstacle course, and transformed it into a game. Then, once it was a game, you added 59 other contestants to the field. The last step? Make every contestant a customizable jelly bean that's more than 6 feet tall. That's Fall Guys.

Contestants can dress like baseball pitchers, pigeons, characters from other games, and so many other weird characters. Fall Guys does more than just test your platforming skills, too. Competitive mini-games include memory tests, variants on tag, and even a soccer match that resembles Rocket League. You can also squad up into a party of four, making matches far easier and more social.

Fall Guys

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If you're able to outlast your 59 opponents, you'll earn a Crown, which can be used to purchase even more exclusive attire. And it doesn't stop at the base game.

Fall Guys is always receiving updates and expansions, and because it's still such a new game, it should be around for months and years to come.

A second season of gameplay is set to be unveiled on August 27. This update is speculated to include expansions to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and maybe even crossplay. The fun never ceases when you're playing Fall Guys.

If you have PS Plus, you can get in on the fun well before it makes the leap to other consoles, absolutely free. If your concern is that you can't hop to your console before the deadline, don't sweat it! Assuming you know the log-in information for your PS Plus enabled account, you can add Fall Guys to your library through your desktop or mobile device using this link.

Fall into joy this summer, and don't look back!

Fall Guys will leave PS Plus on Septemeber 1.

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