Everything we know about PS Plus subscriptions on PS5

It's a little complicated.

With the next-generation PlayStation 5 on the horizon, gamers are wondering how much the upcoming console will cost. Will backward compatibility have a catch, like having to subscribe to yet another monthly service? Getting a new console often means a lot of other costly additions – controllers, games, data storage – just to get started.

Like us, you might be wondering if PlayStation Plus membership will carry over to PS5. Sony hasn't given official word yet, but here's what we know.

Will the PlayStation 5 have PS Plus?

Presumably, yes. The service began life in June 2010 for the PS3 and has only continued to expand in the decade since. When Sony transitioned from PS3 to PS4, PS Plus stuck around. Sony expanded the service's capabilities to include long-requested features like Party Chat.

It's likely the next PlayStation generation will continue to use Playstation Plus, but it's not totally clear yet how existing subscriptions will be managed.

Will your current PlayStation Plus subscription carry over to PS5?

Sony has yet to make an official statement on the matter. However, given the company's past policies in this vein, we can assume users will still be able to use their current PlayStation Plus subscription on next-gen consoles. That being said, there may be a price hike, or the introduction of a new pricing structure, when the PS5 launches.

When Sony transitioned from PS3 to PS4, they made sure users were aware that despite moving on, the two consoles existed in the same PlayStation eco-system. To hammer this point in, at launch, many games purchased on PS3 came with either a code to play the title on PS4 or a coupon to purchase the upgraded version for a reduced price.

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This eco-system was only further built upon during the PS4's lifespan. Sony introduced Cross-Buying on PS4 at launch, allowing users to purchase a game available on PS4, PS3, and Vita only once. Although Sony discontinued the Vita in early 2019, Indie games continue to be released as Cross-Buy titles with the most recent one having debuted in October 2019.

Some users might have concerns after Sony removed the PS Plus free game rotation from Vita and PS3 in February 2019, but it has expanded the brand's reach in other areas. Remote Play expanded from Vita-to-Console interaction to include mobile phones and PCs. Sony also added its flagship library to PC and smart TVs in 2019 via the PlayStation Now service.

The PlayStation ecosystem will likely expand when PS5 releases. Backward Compatibility on the upcoming console is a major benefit to gamers, but it may come at an added price.

Will PlayStation Plus cost more on PS5?

It's likely that PS Plus will cost more on PS5. When PS4 launched, Sony retooled the service, making it a requirement if you wanted to play online. This will likely remain the case for PS5.

Internationally, PlayStation Plus rose in price once in 2017, then a second time in 2019. The North American PlayStation Plus service is due for a price increase. America's first and so far only increase occurred in 2016, raising the price by $10 and $20 in the United States and Canada, respectively.

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This means now is probably a good time to snag a cheap annual PS Plus subscription. The subreddit r/PS4Deals regularly posts deals.

PlayStation 5 will be released in late 2020.

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