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How to get the Sonic the Hedgehog skin in Fall Guys Season 2

Gotta fall fast!

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Fall Guys fans will soon be able to channel the cosmic energy of Sonic the Hedgehog as they waddle, tumble, and slide across all of the medieval obstacle courses that were introduced as part of Season 2.

When is the Fall Guys Sonic skin release date?

Developer Mediatonic confirmed that a Sonic-inspired skin will be added to the game show/battle royale hybrid on October 14. The news dropped on October 12 after the skin was leaked onto Twitter by Fall Guys data-miners. Mediatonic made it official during a SEGA-themed livestream for the legacy game company's 60th anniversary.

The developer didn't specify what time the skin will hit Fall Guys servers, but Mediatonic was already giving away the costume to a few lucky viewers on their Twitch channel. Fall Guys patches are typically shipped in the early morning in the United States, so here's everything you need to know so you can be the first one among your friends to dress your bean-like Sonic.

The whole squad can dress like Sonic after October 14.


How to get the Fall Guys Sonic skin

For starters, the Sonic skin will come in two separate parts as a torso and pants item. Both will be available on the Fall Guys shop starting on October 14 for five crowns each, making the full ensemble 10 crowns total.

The only way to get crowns in Fall Guys is by getting first place in a game or through season rewards. Anyone with a stockpile of crowns from last season will be able to purchase the Sonic outfit from the get-go, but if you spent your crowns on other rewards you'll need to grind out ten wins if you want the new costume.

Mediatonic showing off the new 'Fall Guys' Sonic skin on Twitch.


How long will the Sonic skin be available for?

10 wins might not be too daunting for seasoned Fall Guys veterans, but Mediatonic has made the Sonic skin a limited-time offering that will only be available for three days after release, so it'll be gone forever as of October 17. After that, the skin will be removed from the store and players will need to hope that Mediatonic brings it back at a later date if they want a shot at earning it.

To make earning crowns even more difficult, the developer introduced a flurry of new events in Season 2 which players are still learning. That will surely result in more in-game shenanigans along with the usual levels of unpredictability that comes with every game of Fall Guys.

So if you want to be one of the few to rock the Fall Guys Sonic skin, you gotta go fast!

The Fall Guys Sonic skin will be available from October 14 until October 17.

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